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Review: Sir Kendrick & The Castle of Bel Lione

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Review: Sir Kendrick & The Castle of Bel Lione

01 Nov Posted by in Reviews | Comments
Review: Sir Kendrick & The Castle of Bel Lione

Sir Kendrick & The Castle of Bel Lione by Chuck Black

(Knights of Arrethrae)

Reviewed by Lori Twichell, Radiant Lit

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Religious

Publisher: Multnomah Books

Publication Dates: June 17, 2008

A long time ago there was a Kingdom that had lost its way. The King, able to see his people and see what they were doing, decided to send his son to the Kingdom to bring them the message of his love to his people. The people in the kingdom didn’t recognize the son. They believed that he was an imposter and they killed him. You would think that the story would end there, but the King, who was mighty in power, raised his son from the dead and promised that he would send his son once again in the future to redeem his people. Sound familiar? Indeed. This is the story of the Knights of Arrethtrae.

Pledged to the King and his Son, they travel the land, spreading the good news of his word and battling the evil forces who are determined to destroy all the King holds dear.  Each of the six books in Chuck Black’s series resounds with beautiful allegorical tales that are given new life and breath in the setting of a kingdom with knights and fair maiden poised in battle. And along with each tale is the chance to learn a valuable lesson about life as a member of the King’s family.

Sir Kendrick’s tale comes first in the series and he must take under his wing a young and impetuous new knight, Sir Duncan. The two take off on a mission to investigate Lord Ra and his mysterious festivals where young men and women disappear from neighboring villages.  When Sir Duncan disappears, Kendrick must try to save him. In order to do this, he tries to enlist the aid of a mysterious warrior that he meets not far from Ra’s castle. With this warrior, he learns the truth of Ra’s rise and what he does with the young people who stay with him. But more than that, he also must confront some of his own agonies and hurts from the past.

Kendrick’s battle with his own history, loyalty and faith is an epic one and is bound to enrapture readers with its climactic and stunning ending. This book teaches valuable lessons across the board and is packed with scriptural lessons that anyone of any age can use in their lives.

Rated PG-  some violence, some tense situations – but nothing that most kids can’t handle without a little guidance from Mom and Dad

*Review copies provided by Multnomah Books


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