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Review: Prophetess

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Review: Prophetess

23 Jan Posted by in Reviews | 1 comment
Review: Prophetess

Prophetess by Keven NewsomeProphetess (Winter Book 2) by Keven Newsome
Reviewed by: Amber McCallister
Genre: Fiction\Thriller
Publisher: Splashdown Darkwater
Publication Date: November 1, 2012

Prophetess is the continuation of the amazing and extraordinary adventures of Winter. We see Winter beginning to mature in her walk with God. She is trusting God more and learning how to use the gifts of Prophesy given to her by God. She is daring to continue to walk outside of her comfort zone and learn more and more each day of the purpose that God has for her life.

We watch with pure delight and quiet anticipation as Winter deepens and stretches her faith in God each day. She continues to transform on the inside and the outside into the beautiful and spectacular creation that He made her to become. What a delight it is to peer into her soft heart that is desperately reaching out to know more of who God is and what He wants her to do. Her tenderness and patience towards her precious and hurting friend Kaci is proof of just how far Winter has come from her days of being angry at God and running as far away from Him as she possibly could.

She is learning through an independent study course with the head of her department what it means to be a Prophet of God. She is discovering the special talents and abilities that the Prophets in the Old Testament used to accomplish God’s will for His people and is blown away by what God will do through her to accomplish the task that He has for her life. Being dumfounded and perhaps a little scared by these new abilities of hers is a bit of an understatement, but she know that everything will work out as it is supposed to with God’s help and direction.

This chapter of Winter’s new life begins with her being pulled into an on-going investigation of hiding the only surviving victim of a horrible school shooting that took place years ago in a town far from Winter. This little girl was the only person who walked out of her classroom alive after her teacher and classmates were viscously gunned down. The purpose of this shooting was not known at the time, but the FBI knew enough to keep this little girl safe and to place her in protective custody.

Winter was told what she thought was this little girl’s name from a dying FBI agent and she was charged to find the girl and keep her safe. She was also instructed not to trust anyone as the people who wanted to kill this now young lady could be anywhere and be anyone. The only advantage that Winter was given was that the people looking for this girl did not know who she was. They would be watching and waiting for Winter to find her for them. Winter took this assignment to heart and immediately began working on trying to find her, but she tried to do it in a way that wouldn’t bring any attention to her. Twice she thought she tracked this girl down and twice she found out that she placed an innocent girl needlessly in harm’s way. However, this didn’t stop Winter’s pursuit of this girl and her ultimate purpose of saving her life. On the contrary, it fueled her determination to find and locate this girl and do all that she could to keep her safe.

In the end, Winter already knew who this girl was, and she was already successfully yet unknowingly protecting her.   When she finally figured this out with God’s help, He also revealed to both her and this girl the beautiful purpose for which she was born to fulfill. God was going to turn what she saw as ugliness from the enemy into a beauty beyond her mere mortal comprehension. He was going to do what God is so good at doing and that is to show us just how important, precious, valuable, and loved we truly are despite our feelings and physical appearance based on our pathetic human standards. God not only revealed to this girl who she really was, but He also showed Winter who she really was and just how vital her role was in helping she fulfill hers.

We are also granted a continued look into Winter’s past to see just how far she has come from where she was hating and running away from God after the death of her mother to finally reaching a turning point in her life and the events that brought about that change. We are given the chance to see how this girl’s and Winter’s lives are more and more the same. Both have followed the same pattern of being specially chosen by God for a purpose neither can begin to fathom, evil penetrating every inch of their lives trying to profane what God had ordained, and finally God picking up the mangled and dying flower and breathing His overwhelming love-infused life into it. The lives of these two girls are mirror images of how the enemy desperately tries to destroy what God creates for good. God only wants what is best for us unlike Satan, but we must also be prepared for battle whenever we take up our God-given calling for Satan knows how effective and triumphant God’s plans are and he will stop at nothing to steal, kill, and destroy those who seek to fulfill God’s plan for their life.

Our lives are irrevocably and mysteriously intertwined with each other here on earth. When we hurt, others around us hurt as well. When we are angry, that anger is contagious and spreads like wildfire. When we love, that love brings healing and hope to everyone we meet. When we completely embrace God in our life, we forever transform those around us through our faith, hope, and love. So, let us seek out God and allow Him to reveal to us the role we have to play in this life in order to show each other just how beautiful, breath-taking, and important we are to each other. We need to be willing to be God’s hands and feet in this horribly deceived and deeply hurting world. We need to take every opportunity to show each other how passionately and unabashedly God loves them and wants them. Everyone has a purpose for which they were born and we need to nurture that beautiful creation that has been torn apart and left for dead and breathe life back into it and then watch how God will use them to perform mind-blowing miracles and astonishing acts of redemption.

This story has already won a place in my heart as well as on my bookshelf, and I eagerly anticipate the next chapter of this incredibly touching and boundlessly encouraging ride. I know that anyone who reads these two books will have their heart soar with hope and encouragement and know what it feels like to watch a butterfly emerge from its cocoon. The sheer beauty of the transformation may initially blind them but they will soon be excitedly searching around to catch another glimpse of the magnificent new creation and to see what happens next.


Rated PG-13: There is an elementary school shooting that takes place in this story that children will not be able to deal with.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!


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