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Review: Soul’s Gate

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Review: Soul’s Gate

21 Jan Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Review: Soul’s Gate
Review: Soul’s Gate

Soul's Gate (A Well Spring Novel) by James L. Rubart Soul’s Gate (A Well Spring Novel) by James L. Rubart
Reviewed by: Amber McCallister
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: November 6, 2012

Soul’s Gate is a raw and revealing journey into the true battlefield for our heart and soul. It peeks behind the veil and exposes just a tiny part of the spiritual realm that is all around us and yet hidden to our mortal eyes. It will slowly blow your mind as to the revelations that are laid out before you. The workings of the spiritual world are only explored in a very miniscule way in order to help us to begin to comprehend what is being shown to us. We see the physical human ways in which demons can work on and influence us. It’s absolutely terrifying the effective methods that they use to manipulate us, but in the end the only power that they have over us is the power that we allow them to have over us. Once we begin to fight them with the power that God has given to us, they have to flee or else they will be destroyed. It’s this message of complete and utter God given freedom from the forces of Satan that would imprison and destroy us that resounds and repeats throughout this intensely beautiful story.

Your mind will reel, do cartwheels, and then flatline as merely the surface of the mysteries of God are portrayed in this story. Can you imagine what would happen to our small minds if God even tried to begin showing us layer by layer of who He is truly is?! No human mind can process who He truly is. These fragile bodies of ours could not even begin to be able to handle and process it. It’s these revelations that we find the main characters Brandon, Marcus, and Dana grappling with under the teaching of Reece Roth. These three people deal with the revealing of these mysteries the same as any of us would. They are stunned, doubtful, and confused until they being to experience these things personally. They still don’t understand, but they slowly begin to believe in spite of themselves. After all, the mind can’t comprehend what the heart knows and feels. I believe that our heart is the only part of our mortal being that can still contemplate and comprehend on some level the magnitude and boundlessness of our Omnipotent and Omnipresent God. Our heart is not bound by the same human limits as our mind which is conditioned by our society to only accept things we can see, taste, and touch. We need to face the realization that we don’t know God as much as we think we do. We can’t put God in a box.

We need to learn how to effectively claim the power that lies with our Lord and Savior. We need to learn how to plunge deeply into Jesus and the love and grace He pours out upon us. Our life will teeter on the brink of destruction if we fail to accept it. We are either a stronghold for God or a playground for Satan and his demons. Satan’s power comes from us surrendering what was originally meant for God to him. If we deny that power to Satan and his demons, they can’t touch us. They are helpless to destroy us. They will just move onto the next person who will unwittingly give them the power they seek.

Our heart’s desire should be to battle through prayer for each other, to love each other, and to lay down our lives for each other as we watched Reece, Brandon, Marcus, and Dana do for each other time and time again. This is what is required for those who want to follow in God’s footsteps and reach the ends of the earth in His name even if the ends of the earth is just our neighborhood. We need to completely surrender ourselves to Him and let Him work His will. Only then will people truly be changed and the Heavens will rejoice in the salvation and freedom of yet another oppressed soul on Earth.

This story awoke in me the memories of my past where I came up against people and situations that were outside the normal for me. This story brought some understanding to those past events, and deeply touched my heart as to their implications. Through the persecution and isolation I felt as a child and young adult, I ran so fast and so hard to God that the tears in my eyes often stung my face. I threw myself into His arms and begged Him for His love, acceptance, and peace, and He gave them to me in a very quiet and comforting way. He held me up when I couldn’t stand myself, and He wiped away my tears every time a new piece of my heart was broken off. I know with all my heart and soul that I wouldn’t be here I am now nor have all that I have without God. He is my strength, my life, and my reason to live.

Soul’s Gate brought healing, comfort, and encouragement to me, and I know that it can bring to same to you if you have come up against resistance of an unearthly nature that have left you broken and hurting. I would recommend this book to everyone because we all need to know that we are facing isn’t human and needs to be fought with our faith not our fists. We need to know how to prepare ourselves for battles such as the ones detailed in this story. This book also challenges us to dig deeper in our faith and go beyond the surface where a lot of us find ourselves. We need to pursue God with the same passion and intensity that He pursues us with. Only then will we truly find out who we are and why we are here on this planet. We all need this love relationship with our Creator more than the very air that we breathe.


Rated PG-13: Children will be scared by the discussion of demons, and the “battle” scenes may be too intense for them to handle.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!


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