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Review: Broken Wings

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Review: Broken Wings

03 Mar Posted by in Reviews | Comments
Review: Broken Wings

Reviewed by: Jill Williamson
Genre: YA Supernatural
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: February 2013

Brielle and Jake are growing closer, but her father doesn’t like it–doesn’t seem to like Jake at all. Brielle is certain it’s because of Jake’s faith, but there seems to be something more that her father isn’t saying. And then her dad starts dating Olivia. Brielle doesn’t approve. It’s just a feeling she has. But feelings aren’t enough to convince her dad of anything, so all she can do is stand by and watch… and pick up the pieces if things go bad.

Meanwhile, Jake still doesn’t know why the ring has vanished from the wooden chest. He hasn’t told Brielle that it’s missing, either, and she can tell that he’s keeping something from her. And unbeknownst to Brielle or Jake, Damien in hunting them both, hoping to take the boy who heals and the girl who sees to his master. The Sabres are coming. And Brielle learns more about the reoccurring nightmare she’s been having, and it’s leading Jake and her closer to something big.

I couldn’t put it down! This is a fantastical story of Biblical proportions and yet Shannon Dittemore make it feel so real. Brielle learns that faith isn’t a quick fix. That tough times still come. And the ending… Gah! You’ll be desperate for book three once you close this one.

This is one of my favorite new series. Dittemore has accomplished a rare feat with Broken Wings: she’s written a sequel that’s as good as/better than book one. Beautiful, romantic, and fascinating. I couldn’t stop reading this enthralling page-turner. I’ll be the first one in line for book three.

Rated PG-13: There is some violence and the demons are scary. There is no bad language, no sex. There is a little kissing, but it’s not graphic or overly sensual. There is a scene in the graveyard where a body is being dug up, but no bodies are shown.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!


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