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Review: Rescue Team

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Review: Rescue Team

11 May Posted by in Reviews | 1 comment
Review: Rescue Team

Rescue Team by Candace Calvert
Reviewed by: Jennifer Roman
Genre: medical drama, chick lit, Christian, romance
Publisher: Tyndale
Publication Date: April 19, 2013

This installment of the Grace Medical series focuses on Kate Callison, the new ER director at Austin Grace. In additional to her own personal troubles, she has to deal with a dead abandoned newborn found in the ladies’ room, a slick lawyer who wants more than just a professional relationship, and a vigilante who writes to the newspaper to report the slightest mistake. She is hiding from her past and believes that she is no longer a worthy person, especially in God’s eyes, so she has lost her faith.

Wes Tanner, on the other hand, volunteers as a rescue worker and comes from a strong, God-fearing family. He has his own shares of heartache, but he has a good relationship with his Savior and uses that to get through both the tough times and the good. He finds something fascinating underneath Kate’s prickly exterior and hopes that he can help her reconnect with her Creator, knowing that everything else will fall into place once she accepts God’s love.

This book is written as an installation of a series, but it could easily stand alone. The story is a medical drama that uses a lot of medical terminology, but there are enough context clues so that those not familiar with the terms will understand what is happening. The characters are complex and interesting, and the storyline is perfect for fans of this genre. Romance readers will also appreciate the budding relationship between Wes and Kate, especially since they keep it appropriate. There is no sex involved; rather, they take the time to get to know each other. Kisses and warm embraces are the most racy things they do. Readers will not have any problem following this book even if they haven’t read the previous one. Fans of medical drama, romance, and just a good Christian story will be happy to read this book.

Rescue Team is written as in a Christian format, and for that reason it is appropriate for young adult and adult readers. There aren’t any inappropriate situations although some of the topics may be difficult for some people to read. There are no sexual situations and no profanity, so nothing should be offensive. This is a great read that really demonstrates people’s faith in God, so I highly recommend it.

Rated G: there is nothing in the way of sex, violence, or profanity.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!


One comment

  • I so appreciate this thorough and thoughtful review of my newest novel–thank you. It’s an honor to have you “scrub in” with my hopeful medical fiction.