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An Interview with Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall, Authors of As the Tide Comes In

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An Interview with Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall, Authors of As the Tide Comes In

23 Aug Posted by in Interviews | Comments Off on An Interview with Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall, Authors of As the Tide Comes In
An Interview with Cindy Woodsmall & Erin Woodsmall,  Authors of As the Tide Comes In

Tell us about your new novel, As the Tide Comes In.

Cindy: As the Tide Comes In is a journey through loss and renewal set in a gorgeous, unique location. Tara Abbot is a young woman who has set everything aside in order to raise her half-brothers to adulthood. But when tragedy strikes, she’s floundering and lost like a rowboat in a squall. But God’s love endures, even through the worst of storms. She encounters a spunky group of life-long friends, as well as a young man who stirs something inside of her that she’s never experienced before.


You have an incredible following of dedicated readers of your Amish fiction. What inspired you to venture into Southern fiction?

Cindy: I love the Amish setting. I’ve written over 20 novels in that setting, and I’ll continue to write Amish books. But since I live in the South, my creativity has been asking for a while to be let loose in my own stomping grounds. Southern fiction feels very homey, a world in which I dwell in real-life.


With your daughter-in-law Erin Woodsmall co-authoring As the Tide Comes In as well as a couple other titles with you, can you tell us what it has been like working as a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law team?


Cindy: It’s been rejuvenating, like opening the windows at the end of winter and welcoming the fresh spring air. Erin has helped me behind the scenes for a lot of years, but to dive into a story as a writing team has been completely different. The great thing about writing as a team is that each person brings something special to the table. We know different things about life, loss, and love, and we’ve navigated through life as a family for 12 years, so we can rely on each other’s strengths and shore up each other’s weaknesses, both on page and off.  

Erin: It’s a lot of fun! I’ve always loved reading and making up stories, but for the first time I’ve been able to use these skills for something tangible. Cindy is so skilled at her craft of writing, and she has this wonderful intuition about shaping stories. She can really create juicy conflict and ultra-romantic scenes, no explicitness needed! I learn something new every day.



As the Tide Comes In tells the story of Tara Abbott, a woman who has suffered an unthinkable loss. The Glynn Girls—a group of eccentric fifty-somethingfifty-something women who live on St. Simons Island—take her in as their own. What message do you hope readers glean from the support they offer Tara?

Since the novel’s conception, we liked exploring the difference of helping in a clean, hands-off way verses getting “dirty” and uncomfortable. It’s a great thing to donate to our churches and give to charities and to spend time helping teens or elderly and then return home. But can we muster the courage to really minister to those who pull us out of our comfort zone? Jesus was all in. To Him it didn’t matter who someone was. He ate with sinners and ministered to the “unclean” of the day. How can we apply that to modern life? It’s not easy!


How can readers who have also experienced painful losses find encouragement and hope in Tara’s story?

If we live long enough, we’ll all experience great loss. It’s a certainty. But God offers us the ultimate hope and mercy. We know we will see our loved ones again in heaven, and that as long as we’re alive, He has plans for us here on earth. Life is precious, unpredictable, and but a breath in comparison to the grandness of all time. So let’s breathe it.

An excerpt:

Thoughts from Gavin: “…if life didn’t keep on keeping on, people meant to be born wouldn’t be. So we take our losses with our gains and let love bring us joy and break our hearts.”


What can you tell us about what you’re working on next?

Right now we’re working on two Amish books: first, we’re writing a follow-up Christmas novella to this October’s release, The Christmas Remedy. The next novella is tentatively titled A Restoring Nativity, and it’s a romance for a young Amish woman who has many dreams and aspirations, and none of it includes a man. A unique aspect to this new work is readers will meet a brother and sister who are in need of refuge, and readers will learn facets of the Swartzentruber Amish life. This novella will release in October 2019.

We’re also working on a stand-alone Amish novel tentatively titled His Debt to Pay. In this story a married couple grapples with a secret that threatens to undo their family. We’re very excited about this unique storyline that asks the question: Can forgiveness release every prisoner?


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