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An Interview with CJ Redwine

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An Interview with CJ Redwine

02 May Posted by in Interviews | Comments Off on An Interview with CJ Redwine
An Interview with CJ Redwine
cjredwine3.mdC.J. Redwine loves fairy tales, Harry Potter, and Sherlock. She is a New York Times best selling author of young adult books and teaches writing workshops across the nation. If the novel writing gig ever falls through, she’ll join the Avengers and wear a cape to work every day.  Her newest novel, The Shadow Queen, is a YA retelling of Snow White and it is So Much Fun! We recently had the chance to sit down and chat with CJ:
1sqYour newest novel, The Shadow Queen (which has already hit The New York Times Bestseller List! Congrats!), is the beginning of a whole new series. Can you give us a brief overview of the series as a whole?

Thanks! I’m really excited about this book and this series. Each book will be a dark epic fantasy inspired by either a fairy tale or a classic story. THE SHADOW QUEEN is inspired by Snow White, though I put my own spin on it. The next book is the next chapter in Rumpelstiltskin’s life after he is exiled by the miller’s daughter.

Tell us about The Shadow Queen and the inspiration behind it:

THE SHADOW QUEEN is an epic showdown between two equally powerful female characters–the queen and the fugitive princess–who battle for the kingdom of Ravenspire using the one weapon they have in common: magic.

I grew up reading Grimms’ fairy tales, and was so excited when Snow White and the Huntsman hit the theaters, but I left the movie disappointed. I wanted Snow White to be a strong, fierce character with her own voice, her own agenda, and her own choices that impact the plot. And I wanted to really understand the queen’s reasons for what she does. I ranted all the way home about the opportunities I thought the movie had missed until my husband turned to me and said, “If you want it done that way, why don’t you write it yourself?” So I did.

Who was your favorite character to write in this story? Why? 

Oh hard question! I think I have to go with Lorelai’s brother Leo. He is just so much fun, and he was one of those characters who immediately show me who they are, which makes writing them so much easier.

You got to create a whole new world for this new series. What was it like starting from scratch and creating a universe for your characters to live in?

Fun! I love building a fantasy world. I geek out about the etymology of names, the type of vegetation/climate/architecture/food etc., creating the terrain and the culture … all of it is fascinating and fun for me.

What do you want readers to take away from The Shadow Queen? 

That doing the right thing often requires sacrifice, but we should do it anyway.

Where can people connect with you online? 

The sidebar of has all my links!

Any final words of wisdom? 
Nothing is impossible unless you tell yourself it is.
Also don’t snort-laugh while eating wasabi. Trust me.

C.J. Redwine


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