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Audiobook Review: Because You’re Mine

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Audiobook Review: Because You’re Mine

27 Feb Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Audiobook Review: Because You’re Mine
Audiobook Review: Because You’re Mine

Because You’re Mine by Colleen Coble
Reviewed by: Elizabeth Olmedo
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Mystery
Publisher: Thomas Nelson & eStories
Audiobook Narrator: Devon O’Day
Publication Date: January 2017

Alanna’s life shatters when a car bomb kills her husband while their Celtic band tours the U.S. Her sole comfort lies in their unborn baby. But when her father-in-law threatens to take custody, Alanna will do whatever it takes to protect the only piece of Liam she has left.

The band’s manager offers her a solution — a marriage of convenience that procures U.S. citizenship and freedom from her father-in-law’s control. However, when Alanna arrives at her new husband’s deteriorating mansion, she discovers that her problems are far from over. As bizarre things start to happen, placing Alanna and her child’s life in danger, she begins to suspect that her husband’s killer just may want her life too.

I wanted to like this story. I really did. I’ve heard great things about Colleen Coble’s novels and couldn’t wait to experience her writing for myself. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong book to start with. With an intriguing plot that sadly falls flat in every aspect, I struggled to finish Because You’re Mine.

Where to begin? Alanna proved to be an unrelatable and unsympathetic character. Her actions and decisions were completely unbelievable considering her age (30), let alone her upbringing. She ignored all the red flags and her friend’s warnings, making it hard to feel sorry for her when she got into trouble. Her attraction to her new husband, Barry, comes on much too quickly and I never saw the larger-than-life romance that supposedly existed between her and Liam. For someone who had just buried her soul mate, she barely mourned.

The story’s direction could be seen from the start, destroying any attempts at creating suspense or mystery. I knew the “big twist” within the first couple chapters. The fact that the characters didn’t make the discovery sooner was unrealistic. In this day and age, it would never have gone that long.

Coble mentions supernatural topics such as exorcism, soul possession, banshees, etc. in a way that didn’t work with the story. The faith thread was vague at best and not what one would associate with Christian Fiction.

The setting was the novel’s sole redeeming quality. The decaying mansion, isolated location, and murky alligator-inhabited swamp offered the only source of suspense. Even so, it couldn’t make up for the lack of character development and predictable plot, making Because You’re Mine one book I cannot recommend.

My favorite part, however, was listening to it as an audiobook. I love audiobooks! They allow me to listen to a story while I cook, clean, etc. For the most part, Devon O’Day did a good job. She read in a clear, even voice, which made her easy to understand. That being said, her attempts at Irish and Southern accents failed. Also, her tone didn’t always match the mood and her interpretation of the characters’ voices didn’t remain consistent. Nonetheless, this wouldn’t stop me from listening to other audiobooks she’s narrated.

Rated PG: The story is clean and the author doesn’t write anything inappropriate. However, some topics might be a bit mature for young readers.

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