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Review: Carolina Breeze

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Review: Carolina Breeze

19 May Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Carolina Breeze
Review: Carolina Breeze

Carolina Breeze by Denise Hunter
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: May 2020

Carolina Breeze, book 2 in the Bluebell Inn Romances by Denise Hunter, makes readers want to find this inn and soak up its atmosphere for a week or so.

Jilted bride, and up-and-coming starlet, Mia Emerson has just wrapped her biggest movie to date. Unfortunately, her married co-star’s actions leave her in the midst of a scandal that could cost her the role she really wants. Needing to get away, she remembers her paid-for honeymoon at the Bluebell Inn, in North Carolina. She has always wanted to learn more about her grandparents, the former owners of the inn. What better time to get out of LA, and what better place to go? No one would ever look for her there, and since her former fiance rented the entire inn, she shouldn’t be discovered there if she doesn’t want to be.

Levi Bennett has been working feverishly to get out of the hole his finances are in since opening the inn. He does everything he can to keep spending down, but his sisters seem intent on ruining them. Of course, they don’t know money is as tight as it it because Levi has hidden his two maxed-out credit cards from them. Everything he does comes with his father’s last admonishment, “Take care of your sisters” ringing in his ears. How can he do that when they are both so independent that they just do what they want without his input?

When Mia checks into the inn, Levi is a bit clueless as to who she is, but his sister, Molly, sets him straight. He has been tasked as her driver for the week, and the more time they spend together, the less he sees the “star”. In reading Mia’s grandmother’s journal, she discovers that her grandmother had a very valuable blue diamond necklace, The Carolina Breeze, that Mia is positive her mother never inherited. As Mia and Levi go on a treasure hunt to see if they can locate the jewel, they discover a mutual attraction that brings on an all new dilemma. Can they navigate the paparazzi, and their opposite-coast lives, to find a love that just might last?

Denise Hunter always has a way of looking into her characters’ hearts and finding their most vulnerable spots. Mia has always felt abandoned by her father, and later in life, by her fiance. Beautiful as she is, she almost expects to be tossed aside. Levi, as the oldest child and only son of the family, feels hyper-responsible for his sisters, even though both are quite capable of handling their own lives. He takes so much on his shoulders that he makes himself ill because of the stress. Taking on Mia’s problems is second nature for him, but it’s a pretty huge step when he starts to share his with her.

If you are a fan of Denise Hunter’s books, don’t miss this one! This is sweet, contemporary romance at its finest, with a hefty dose of faith and prayer coming from both sides. I loved this story!


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