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Christy’s 50th anniversary

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Christy’s 50th anniversary

26 Dec Posted by in Articles | Comments Off on Christy’s 50th anniversary
Christy’s 50th anniversary

Catherine Marshall‘s best-seller, Christy, was released 50 years ago, but has stood the test of time and still resonates with readers of all ages today. But why? Nancy LeSourd, Marshall’s daughter-in-law, shares her perspective.

The story of Christy has endured because of its timeless themes. A young person, barely 19, is inspired to contribute her time and talents to make a difference. Her idealistic ideas clash head-on with those who see her as an outsider, a do-gooder and a meddler. Christy has to learn how to come alongside people she wants to “help” and learn how to care — really care — for them, one person at a time.

Wherever there are young people who are passionate about impacting others, changing society’s social problems or caring for those who are impoverished or uneducated, there is Christy. Throughout the years, we have learned of many people inspired by the story of Christy who became a teacher or a doctor or who entered public service living among the poor in their communities in the United States or abroad.

Christy was first released in 1967, a turbulent time in our nation’s history. Americans were politically at odds with one another, and protest, frustration, anger and violence in the streets of America were at new heights. The civil rights movement faced tensions as the Black Power movement challenged the Martin Luther King non-violent protest approach. The number of young people drafted to fight in the Vietnam war brought the reality of death to many families. Drugs were rampant.

The story of Christy, though set 50 years earlier, was not so different from the time in which the novel was first published or today. The Mission represented the desire of outsiders to live alongside the mountain people and provide education and guidance. In reality, it was an attempt to create social change. The centuries-old “mountain ways” were threatened by the Mission school and its “newfangled” ideas. Christy’s desire to educate her students, challenge superstitions, and to open up opportunities for them outside of the Cove threatened the fabric of the lives of these isolated people and even the cohesion of their community. Evil existed in the excesses of alcohol and the problems of an economy heavily dependent on the sale of the moonshine. Feuding caused deaths that seemed senseless and tore families apart.

Now in 2017, Christy is just as relevant today as ever before. The largest demographic by 2020 will be the millennials. Their choices, passions, investments of time, talent and treasure will impact America economically, politically and socially.

I am particularly excited to introduce this audience to the novel Christy. Christy is a timeless tale of courage, determination and passion – a story very much reflective of millennials today. With their desire to make a difference, ingenuity to create businesses or engage in work that has social impact and rejection of cash donations in favor of offering their time and talents or social enterprise, it is time to introduce them to this amazing young woman, Christy. Christy and other key characters in the novel, such as the doctor and a minister, have to learn how to take who they are and what they have to give and learn to serve a community that challenges them in ways they cannot anticipate.

How these key characters approach trying to make a difference – all very unique and different – are everyman and everywoman who desires to do the same in their own community today. The wonderful thing about millennials is that they are disrupters; they want to make a difference. The desire to be a change agent often starts in the heart, as did Christy’s desire to come to the mountains to teach children. That inspirational motivation can sometimes flag when met with obstacles, resistance or even hatred. The story of Christy takes on these challenges head-on and does not flinch with depicting the realities of pitting the enthusiastic change agent Christy against resistant, suspicious people in the community. How she navigates her life in the Cove and her passion to make a difference applies to anyone who wants to make a difference in his or her community, business, charity or social enterprise.

In recognition of Christy’s 50th anniversary, Evergreen Farm, an imprint of Gilead Publishing, has released of a new hardcover edition and as made the book available in e-book for the first time.

Nancy LeSourd is available for interviews to talk about Christy. To request a review copy of Christy or schedule an, please contact Audra Jennings,


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