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Devotional: The Image Taker

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Devotional: The Image Taker

01 Apr Posted by in Articles | Comments Off on Devotional: The Image Taker
Devotional: The Image Taker

The Image Taker

Good nurse– she got the IV in on the first try!

I tried not to show my apprehension as the nurse injected radioactive dye into an IV in my hand. I had a hundred questions I wanted to ask her, but instead we talked about the lovely view of the lake from where I sat. Somehow, between taking my blood pressure and pulse, we started talking about shopping (I think I complimented her shoes. I tend to notice shoes.).  We chatted about the various thrift shops in the area. She told me about a shabby-chic thrift shop I hadn’t heard of yet, and I promised to check it out. She closed off the IV, and sent me on my way to the next waiting room.

I didn’t really want to talk about the view, or her shoes, or thrift shops (although, I plan to check this new shop out, don’t get me wrong!)–I wanted to talk about my heart. I was about to lay under an imaging machine that was going to reveal, to someone I did not know and may never see again, the inner workings of my heart.

woven image taker.png

A little while later, after some other procedures,  I was instructed to lie down on a table under a heart imaging contraption, and put my hands over my head and be perfectly still for 15 minutes. Okay, I can do that. Right? I’m a grown-up, after all! Well, wouldn’t ya know it, about five minutes later, my nose started to itch. It took all my willpower to not move, but it felt like someone was tickling my nose with a down feather and it was driving me bonkers!

Don’t move, woman. You’ll have start all over, I thought to myself.

So I closed my eyes and tried to think about something else. The massive camera was moving robotically around me, taking pictures of my heart from all angles, honing in on the radioactive dye that now pumped with my blood. My eyes were still closed. I tried to imagine what the camera was seeing. Right atrium. Left Atrium. Right Ventricle. Left Ventricle.  Did those atriums and ventricles look OK? What was wrong with me? Good grief, why won’t my nose stop itching. This is important!

Before I knew it, the test was over. I had just stepped out of the clinic door when someone said, “Excuse me, ma’am. Something went wrong on the test. Computer error, I think. We need to redo it.” I followed him back in, made sure my nose was sufficiently scratched, and started the procedure over. This time, on the table, under a different imager, I started to think of what my heart looked like to God. Not my physical heart, but my soul-heart. How healthy are the chambers of my soul-heart? How often does He run a scan over me and check me over? Do I need to exercise my soul-heart a little more to strengthen it? If so, how? Or, do I need a spiritual quadruple bypass to surgically alter the hardening in my soul-heart?

I sighed.

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right Spirit within me, I prayed, as that precious verse came to mind. Cast me not away from your presencerestore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.

God, I know, no matter what this imager may see, that it is so much more important that my soul-heart is clean!

I tried to hide the tear that trickled from my eye. I am not very good at that, as most people who know me will attest. The imaging technician paused and asked if I was alright. I nodded and smiled, and he continued his work.

The second scan worked fine. I was free to go. But I couldn’t help but think I was meant to go back in there, if only to be reminded: He sees my heart. He knows my flaws, my faults, my guilt, but so much more importantly, He knows my longing for Him. He knows, and draws me near.

He is the image-taker of my heart. And I am His image bearer. What He sees is a heart He created that sin and circumstance hardened, that He is restoring. I was created in His image, washed clean by His grace, and He is making me new. Regeneration is a process, made  complete when my earthly heart stops beating, when I am whole and wholly in His presence. For now, He is faithful to uphold me when my heart is weak, and to renew me when I seek Him. He is faithful to you, too.

Do you believe it?

Weave-it Challenge: Imagine God scanning your heart. What does He see?


This article originally appeared at our partner site, Wonderfully Woven.


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