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Guest Post: Can we know for certain what follows death? by Kay Arthur

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Guest Post: Can we know for certain what follows death? by Kay Arthur

15 Jul Posted by in Articles | Comments Off on Guest Post: Can we know for certain what follows death? by Kay Arthur
Guest Post: Can we know for  certain what follows death? by Kay Arthur

Death is certain. We may try to postpone it, but we cannot stop it. Regardless of what we think, no matter how we feel about it, death is inevitable.

So why a study on something we can’t control? Why not just die and wait to see what happens?

Because death is not the end! There’s life after death.

40Min_Heaven-HellNumerous individuals have described near-death experiences in which they’ve left their bodies behind to go to heaven or to hell. Yet their stories are not all consistent. What they see, what they hear, what they report doesn’t align with what others describe. So who or what do we believe? Can we know for certain what follows death?

The answer is YES!!!

One book—only one—in all the world gives us the truth about life after death: the Bible. It’s God’s Word, supernaturally recorded by men and divinely preserved throughout the generations. Though men have tried to disprove it, destroy it, alter it, the Sovereign God has preserved His truth for us to read for ourselves. The Bible is an eternal book that tells all mankind how it is possible to have eternal life, to escape eternal damnation.

According to the Bible once a person is born, the soul of that individual will never cease to exist. But where will we go after we leave our bodies behind? What’s beyond death’s door? And can we determine whether our personal destination will be heaven or hell? In fact, if there is a hell, a lake of fire “where the worm does not die and the fire is not quenched,” would a loving God let anyone go there?

Heaven, Hell and Life After Death is a no-homework 40-Minute study that simply takes you to various passages of the Bible in 6 sessions. In these sessions, you will have the opportunity not only to see for yourself but also to discuss what God says about death and what follows.

Obviously, it’s your choice whether to believe the teachings of God or of man. But wouldn’t it be a wise move to at least know what the Creator says before you make that choice… or before death takes you by surprise? Wouldn’t you want to know all you can, especially if it makes a difference in where you choose to spend eternity?



KAY ARTHUR is known around the world as a Bible teacher and host of the Precepts for Life radio and television programs, reaching an international viewing audience of over 94 million. A four-time Gold Medallion Award-winner, Kay has written more than 100 books and Bible studies, and her bestselling 40-Minute Bible Studies have become a favorite resource for practical, user-friendly Bible studies. She is currently living in Tennessee.




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