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Interview: Is Genesis History?

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Interview: Is Genesis History?

14 Apr Posted by in Articles | Comments Off on Interview: Is Genesis History?
Interview: Is Genesis History?

Q&A Is Genesis History?

With Thomas Purifoy – Producer/Director

1 – How did the idea for the film Is Genesis History? come about? Has this just always been a topic that you were passionate about?

The idea for the film came from a discussion with my then 10-year-old daughter after she’d seen an online debate between a creationist and an evolutionist.  She asked me questions that I didn’t have the best answers for.  That spurred me on to the path to creating the documentary.

2 – I think the beauty of the film is the variety of topics covered and the experts, who were so great at simply showing facts to back up scripture. How did you collect the list of experts who were chosen to be in the film?

It was a lot of referrals and references.  I wanted each of the speakers to have some key qualifications: PhDs in their respective fields, veteran scientists, a list of publications (books and/or articles), and respected by their peers.

3 – Any fun moments in the filming you’d like to share?

There was always a lot of laughter and talking whenever we went out to eat with everyone.  The crew and Del got to know each other really well, and the scientists always fit in quickly and became part of the fun.  Steve Austin was one of the favorites for everyone – perhaps because we spent almost 10 days with him on two trips.  He has this amazing ability to continue to talk no matter how far or long he’s walking.  He was the oldest guy on the hikes and he easily was in the best shape.  We’d all be huffing and puffing and Steve would be explaining an outcrop we were passing or pointing out a layer of strata that had a curious formation.  We always laughed about it later.

4 – This seems like a great resource for parents – either to supplement their kid’s education, or to help a child who may be struggling with professors who hold to more secular views of creation.  Are there additional materials for families?

Yes, we’ll be creating additional materials.  The challenge for much of this is simply the need to roll up one’s sleeves and dig in.  None of it is terribly simple, but the more time one spends on a subject, the more things start to make sense.  We’ll have additional books, videos, etc.

5 – Is Genesis History? was only in theaters through special events. How was the film received?

There was a lot of support for it.  We had over 215k people see it even though it was only available for three nights in around 700 theaters.  The comments on Facebook have been overwhelmingly positive

6 – Were there findings that were startling to you, that you discovered during the filming?

I think the realization of the incredible violence of the animals living before the Flood was one of the more startling things to realize.  God talks about the growth of violence on the earth, and that’s what you see when you look in the fossil record: dinosaurs and sea creatures that were horribly violent.

7 – Now that the film is available to anyone – how can we get more information?

The best place to go is our website:

8 – What’s next for you? For the film?

This is really just the start for this project. There is a lot more material that needs to be created from what we filmed, including a lot of written materials.  I’ve got a lot of work to do.


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