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Interview with Ginger Sanders

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Interview with Ginger Sanders

22 May Posted by in Interviews | Comments Off on Interview with Ginger Sanders
Interview with Ginger Sanders

It was a pleasure to spend a few moments with Ginger Sanders during the National Religious Broadcasters convention earlier this year. Ginger has had a fascinating life – from a career in the Department of Criminal Justice to being on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Rapid Response Team to being an award winning Children’s author!


Ginger recently released the children’s book “Fireflies” and it was just named the Book of the Year for Children Ages 4-8 in the 2017 Christian Small Publisher Book Awards!

You can find out more about Ginger at her website:


RL: Ginger – thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us!

GS: Thank you Lori, it is a pleasure to be with you!


RL: First – could you quickly tell our readers how you and your husband went from successful careers, to becoming chaplains with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’s Rapid Response Team?

GS: When we retired from the secular world, after being in finance and teaching Financial Fraud for the Dept of Criminal Justice and my husband in law enforcement (32 yrs), we filled out an application for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Associations’ Rapid Response Team. They were looking for people with law enforcement background to be deployed, at a moment’s notice, to a crisis. We received a call the next day and have been blessed seeing God show up in midst of a storm of life.

RL: What brought you to write Fireflies: Sharing God’s Light in the Time of Loss?

GS: Children are at every disaster. They are hurting and confused the same as adults when a crisis occurs. But the story of Fireflies comes from our very own community in Alabama. You do not always have to be on the mission field to see God, we just need to look around us and see Him.

RL: This book is based on a true story?

GS: Yes, there was a young child in our neighborhood who lost his life in an accident. I became a close friend of the older, five year old brother during that week. I saw the people coming in and loving on his parents and grandparents and I was drawn to him. The family gave permission to share this story of explaining death to the brother. I desperately prayed to God to give me answers to the little one’s questions. God showed up with the answer just when I needed it! My eyes fell on the jar sitting on the dresser in little Tyler’s room and ‘whosh’ the story filled my heart!

RL: This is your second children’s book – do you enjoy writing for kids?

GS: Not ever dreaming of writing any books, both of these stories were given by God and He gets the credit, I just was the one that put them on paper. What I enjoy is telling the stories of when things happen that only God can orchestrate.

I love seeing children’s eyes light up with God’s truths and understanding of them.

RL: How did you become connected with the illustrator?

GS: Tracy Applewhite Broome attended the same church as my family a few years ago. She and I are good friends and she is a great artist!


RL:  Did you have a say in the design?

GS: Absolutely! That is why I chose Tracy to do the illustrations. I would sketch it out the best I could (usually stick people!) and then present it to her with my idea. We would pray about each page before she would actually paint it on canvas. Tracy would make the bud of my idea and turn it into a beautiful bloom! She hand painted every page for both children’s books on canvas and converted to digital for the publisher. She was my angel with her paintbrush!

RL: What inspired the ‘Memory Page’ in the back of the book?

GS:  Children often express their emotions on paper by drawing or writing. I thought the ‘Memory Page’ is a good way for them to express their feelings and write a special memory as a keepsake.

RL: What’s next for you and your husband?

GS: We also volunteer as chaplains for our local sheriff’s office. We know as Christians, we are always on mission wherever we may be, but we will look for God’s plan for us. We do not know what tomorrow may hold for us, but we do know this: God is never surprised by anything, He has a plan.

How can we get more information on you and your writing?


Facebook at Ginger Sanders

Twitter @gingersanders

Linkedin Ginger Sanders


I do speak around the country, and this seems to be the direction things are going right now, mostly to ladies groups and retreats.  If someone would like to know where I will be, they can follow me on Facebook. If they would like to contact me about speaking, either my website or message on facebook. I respond to every comment.


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