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Movie Review: BELIEVE in theaters now

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Movie Review: BELIEVE in theaters now

02 Dec Posted by in Film, Reviews | Comments Off on Movie Review: BELIEVE in theaters now
Movie Review: BELIEVE in theaters now

believesmallerTitle: Believe
Directed by: Billy Dickson
Starring: Ryan O’Quinn, Issac Ryan Brown, Danielle Nicolet, Shawnee Smith
Release Date: December 2, 2016
Reviewed by: Pebbles Jacobo
Rating: PG


Hi. My name is Pebbles and I am a sap for Christmas movies. There, I said it. Over my lifetime I have watched hundreds of Christmas movies. Over the next 50+ years, I’ll most likely watch a few hundred more. I’m hoping they are more like Believe.

I watch Christmas movies because I love the feeling they leave with me, long after the movie is over. Believe was no exception. I’ve been faced with a few seemingly impossible situations lately. After viewing Believe, I feel a renewed hope about believing the possible despite the impossible.

The town of Grundy had fallen on hard times. A wealthy business owner who inherited his business from his grandfather, Matthew Peyton found himself quite unpopular. With work hours decreased his workforce went on strike. Things are so dire that the annual Christmas pageant was in jeopardy. Through a series of events Matthew meets Clarence, a young boy with a strong belief in miracles.

Ryan O’Quinn does an amazing job portraying Matthew. Engaging the audience, his performance draws you in to feel what it’s like to walk in his shoes. There were a few times throughout the movie that I found myself angry at the townsfolk, thinking “Can’t you see what he’s dealing with?!” and “Give the man a break! He’s doing the best he can.”

Young Issac Ryan Brown played optimistic Clarence Joseph. This young actor had so much energy throughout the movie it was literally jumping off the screen. I could feel his enthusiasm and exuberance for the Christmas pageant. Clarence’s impeccable belief in miracles provides the steam for this locomotive of a movie.

I appreciate that Believe is a movie about believing in miracles. There is strength in faith, if only we give it an honest try. Too many Christmas movies get hokey pokey with everyone falling in love. While Christmas is about God’s love, all movies about Christmas do not have to centered around two complete opposites finding love during the holidays. Sometimes we just need to be reminded to have a little hope.


*Review copy provided by BELIEVE publicity team.


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