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Who Are These People?

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Who Are These People?

Radiant Co-Editors

Jill Hart* is a supermodel who has taken time from her busy schedule to read a few books and share her thoughts with us. Wait a minute. What do you mean she’s not?

Oh, that’s right. She’s a SUPER MOM who has taken time from her busy schedule. *shrugs* Same thing right? When she’s not reviewing books, she’s a professional juggler. She is currently juggling, and Fiction Addict. In her spare time she plots more ways that she and her partner in crime, Lori Twichell, can dominate the universe.

Lori Twichell* has never been a supermodel although she has been asked once or twice if she’s the ‘before’ model on diet ads.  She writes for a living. And reads. And publicizes. And takes care of her three kids, two dogs and a husband. And she doesn’t exercise nearly enough. (See aforementioned modeling reference.)

She is, however, a professional plate spinner. She currently has spinning plates in television, film, radio and publishing. You can see some of these spinning plates at her company website, Beyond the Buzz Marketing.

* Please note the use of stunt doubles….they’re prettier cause our jobs are way too dangerous to ask models to do this…


Essential Staffers

Elizabeth Olmedo (Queen of Multitasking)

Elizabeth is one of those people who wants to be and do many (not always compatible) things in life. However, as one who belongs to the race that only gets one life (lucky cats get 9!), she makes up for it by reading and writing. Thankfully, books allow her to be anything and anyone—no questions asked!

Fiction is her absolute favorite. Whether getting lost in a good book or creating one herself, they usually belong to the mystery/suspense/romance genres. Elizabeth can often be found with a good ole classic in hand—Jane Austen being her hero and Mr. Darcy the love of her life.

A graduate of Bethel College with an English degree under her belt, Elizabeth is back home in Spain, but dreaming of living in Israel. She is an English teacher and hopes to someday be a published novel writer. Other hobbies include watching movies (or any other activity that pulls you into a good plot) and learning Hebrew. Elizabeth can also be found on Fiction Addict.

Amber McCallister (Queen of Posting)

Amber McCallisterI am a wife and mother who also works full time in the IT field at a University. My life is never dull, so when I get the chance to read, I do so eagerly. I am working on my library at home for when I have more time to read. Of course, I don’t know when that time will come, but I gladly take whatever time I can get. I have loved to read ever since I first learned how in early elementary school. I could never get enough. I was always wanting more books to read. I am still that way now, and my family now asks me what besides books would I like for my birthday and Christmas. There are times I don’t know what to tell them since books bring me such great joy outside of my family and friends.

I have discovered so much about myself and God and the world around me through my reading. Books open your eyes and your mind like nothing else can. You can take a safe journey and explore without any of the normal risks involved which make them a wonderful gift. I can’t imagine my like without books, so I am very grateful for the wonderful authors that I have discovered along the way. They are each unique and so very important for they each have a very important story to tell us. Without each of their stories, we don’t see the entire story that God is trying to tell us.




Sara Ella

sara-ellaNot so long ago, SARA ELLA dreamed she would marry a prince (just call her Mrs. Charming) and live in a castle (aka The Plaza Hotel). Though her fairy tale didn’t quite turn out as planned, she did work for Disney—that was an enchanted moment of its own. Now she spends her days throwing living room dance parties for her two princesses and conquering realms of her own imaginings. Oh, and her husband is far more swoony than any cartoon character could ever be. She believes “Happily Ever After is Never Far Away” for those who put their faith in the King of kings. You can connect with her on Twitter @SaraEllaWrites, or on her blog at,


fayeFaye Oygard

Faye is a homeschool graduate, and current dental assisting student at WITCC. She enjoys volunteering as a SPARKS AWANA leader, singing in choir, riding horses, crocheting, knitting, sewing, cross stitching, and of course, a good book.


Pam Graber

pamPam has been reading since she first started at about age 3 and she says it never gets old! She is Mom to three young men, two of whom are married bringing my first daughters to the family. Her oldest son and his wife have also added Grandma to her list of titles.

Pam was a stay-at-home mom until her youngest son was in 1st grade when she began substitute teaching.She has worked in the office of a manufacturing plant and as a reporter and editor for a local newspaper, and is also in charge of the church library.


Kris Lawfer

krisKris is a proud geek, but before the anime, comic books, and role-playing games, she was a book geek. To this day, she doesn’t go anywhere without a book in her purse “just in case.”

Her favorite genres include young adult fantasy and urban fantasy, history, and travel narratives, and she can spend an entire night falling down a Goodreads hole. She is an attorney, but refuses to let work control her life. As a wife, mommy, and cat mommy, she tries to spend as much time as possible with her family, both human and furry. She enjoys participating in church events, cooking for other people, eating at Chipotle, and doing yoga.


Stefanie Kamerman

StefanieStefanie discovered reading to be wonderful “mommy-time.” As a voracious reader, Stefanie reads anything she can get her hands on. From Christian Fiction to an occasional romance, Stefanie is in her most natural state when reading.

Inspired by Christian thought and the love of books, Stefanie is currently pursing a degree in English at Regent University where she hopes to one day promote biblical literacy and share her love of books with others. On top of pursing a degree at home, Stefanie is a stay-at-home mom to one curious little girl. Most days, Stefanie can be found in her kitchen at 5pm in sweatpants cooking a casserole and dreaming about going out to dinner.


Meagan Williford

MeaganMeagan has been a bookworm her entire life. In her teen years, a friend introduced her to Christian fiction, and it became her favorite genre. She enjoys both historical and contemporary fiction and has been known to read nonfiction, as well.

She loves spending time with friends and family, painting, jogging, playing Scrabble, eating chocolate, and watching movies.


Mary Ann Bell

Mary AnnMary Ann is a Christian, a pastor’s wife, mother. She has raised and homeschooled 10 children. Mary Ann loves to review books, her love of books started at an early age, and hasn’t stopped.

Mary Ann can be found making quilts at her sewing machine, in the great outdoors, leading a Bible Study, in the kitchen cooking up a storm, traveling or with her nose into a good book.



Melissa MacDonald

Melissa MacDonaldMelissa was one of those nerdy kids who found the library more exciting than the mall. She loves reading and prefers a book over a movie just about any day! Good books transport her and she delights in entering fully into a good story. Bad, or poorly written, books annoy her and can occasionally cause a bit of a tirade!

When Melissa doesn’t have her nose in a book she is busy doing anything and everything related to kid’s ministry. A writer, trainer, speaker, coach, and consultant Melissa travels extensively coming alongside of those in the trenches of children’s ministry. You can find out more on her website or follow her on twitter (@kidsconsultant).


Jen Roman

Jen RomanJenis a lifelong book lover. When she is not working or sleeping, she can usually be found reading something. Nothing makes her happy like snuggling up on the couch with a good book, a blanket, and her dogs, Daisy and Remy. She loves mysteries and suspense, but will happily read just about any genre. She refers to her love of books as a “sickness,” and has stacks and stacks of books waiting in the wings to be read. Jen is a strong supporter of her local library and highly encourages others to support their libraries.

When not reading, Jen can be found crafting, playing with Daisy, volunteering, or spending time with her friends. Jennifer is married and lives with her husband Steve, and dogs Daisy and Remy in North Canton, OH.


Julia Novoa

Julia Novoa

Juliais a Christian, wife to a classically trained opera singer, and mother to two boys. Coffee is like water to her, and she never tires of going to coffee shops with friends or having coffee at home with friends. Her highest ranked hobbies are talking, writing, and reading in exactly that order. As for reading, she absolutely loves Non-Fiction books about budgeting, housekeeping, and food. When it comes to fiction, Julia is a fan of mystery, suspense, and the occasional romance.


Renee Chaw

Renee ChawRenee, who is she? She’s a fun loving tomboy with a bit of a girly streak. In the fourth grade she started a scrapbook devoted to classic cars and Barbies. To this day she has the scrapbook and she still has a few Mustang pics on her wall.  Even though her teen years are a thing of the past, she still has her “fangirl” moments. She has many “book boyfriends.” At the moment she’s trying to decide who she likes best, Mr. Darcy or Mr. Thornton.

Armed with a can of Mtn. Dew and her favorite book (which usually features a dashing hero like those mentioned above) she will barricade herself in her room until football season and Steeler Sunday when she emerges wearing her Heath Miller jersey and waving the Terrible Towel. Renee is a kid at heart who never takes things too seriously and with a menagerie of furry friends and two kid brothers it’s easy to see why. Life’s a circus. Serious stuff: She has a BA in History that she’s not sure if she will ever use professionally.


Julia Dixon

Julia DixonJulia is a self proclaimed small town girl, wife and mother of 4. She is passionate about her family. She loves children and cannot stand to see them mistreated, lonely or hurt. This often goes for animals as well. Julia loves breezy fall days where the sun is bright but the air is crisp. Her favorite colors are the leaves in Autumn. She drives an old 1991 Jeep and wouldn’t trade it for the world! Julia is a little quirky, too big for her britches and strong willed. She can find a radiator leak, wire a three way switch and sharpen a lawnmower blade. She can also curl up with a good book, cry at a chick flick and cook better than your Momma! Julia keeps us up to date on posting all of our reviews and she makes sure that none of us gets too lost in the chaos. We love you Julia! You can learn more about Julia at her blog Thou Art Jules..


Bonita Ledzius

Bonita LedziusBonita is a stay-at-home, and homeschooling mom living in Indiana, who has spent over 25 years working as a Theater Tech, stage manager, and director in the Los Angeles area. She loves writing play scripts, lyrics, poetry, modern day parables, and short devotions. Besides having some of her poetry published, Bonita has seen some of her scripts performed at churches. She is an avid reader and fiber crafter, who says she refers to herself as a “Jill of all trades”.Bonita holds a degree in Music/Vocal Performance, with a minor in Theater Arts, who says she is most happy using her talents for Christ. Her love of reading is most felt when she is transported mentally and emotionally into the story. Bonita is also teaming up with her daughter, Jklyn, to do team reviews on books, hoping to offer parents an insight into books available for their children from a parent/child aspect.

Jen Whitney

Jen loves many things in this life but most importantly she loves her Lord and Savior and has no idea where she would be with His love, patience and forgiveness. She married the love her life on May 17, 2008 the same day she graduated from Grove City College. Right now, she spends her days being a wife and keeping her hubby happy and fed, volunteering at church and reading and reviewing many wonderful and amazing books. She is also the proud ‘mommy’ of three adorable doggies who keep life interesting. Overall, she just loves life and is always looking forward to the next adventure. You can find her at Book Reviews from a Book Lover (

Jill Williamson

Jill Williamson

 Jill is a novelist, dreamer, book reviewer, and believer. Growing up in Alaska led to a love of books, and in 2010 her first novel, By Darkness Hid, won the Christy Award. Her latest book, Replication, is a young adult science fiction story from Zondervan. She loves working with teenagers and gives writing workshops at libraries, schools, camps, and churches. Jill lives in Oregon with her husband and two children. Visit Jill online at, where adventure comes to life.

Kaci Hill

Kaci HillKaci is the co-author of Lunatic and Elyon with NY Times Bestselling Author Ted Dekker. She’s also substitute teacher with a little editing and tutoring sprinkled in for grins. She lurks on Facebook, Twitter, and a blog she dubbed Life in the Veil Betwixt the Realms, where she continues to explore the threshold between reality and fiction…and the oddities of church brats.



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A Little More Info About Us….

At Radiant Lit, we care about what you read. We may laugh and make jokes about our opinions, but we’re very serious in our commitment to provide you with the best information and reviews possible. With that in mind, we want to be sure that we don’t recommend something that would make you feel uncomfortable with its content.

For that reason we’ve adopted the same ratings system that the MPAA* has put into place. These ratings will be based on each individual’s perception and interpretation once they’ve read the book. The ratings are each individual’s opinions and not the opinions of Radiant Lit or any other organization, publisher, author, publicist or book that we might be rating.  We trust that you will treat these as the opinions and guidelines that they are and use your own discretion in choosing which books you will read.

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