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Radiant Holiday Gift Guide

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Radiant Holiday Gift Guide

12 Dec Posted by in Articles, Reviews | Comments Off on Radiant Holiday Gift Guide
Radiant Holiday Gift Guide

by Lori Twichell

Usually, I am completely done with Christmas shopping by this point. I’m one of those people who buys a gift in August and tucks it away in a closet. But this year has been a little overwhelming for me and I have not done the shopping I usually do. So now I’m in that last-minute shopping phase that so many enjoy. (Confession – this has proven that I am definitely not one of those people who enjoy the frenzy of waiting!)

So if you need some gift ideas for those special people in your life, look no further! Here’s our guide to some really fabulous gifts that are sure to delight, entertain and encourage throughout the whole year.


All Is Bright by Nancy Guthrie and Lizzie Preston.
Though from the outside, this looks like your normal, average coloring book, it’s really more like an advent calendar. With a devotional and a coloring page for every day leading up to Christmas, this book sets out the story of Christ’s birth, gives thoughtful insight to it, and gives you the space to de-stress during this holiday season by coloring Christ’s story.





Gratitude Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal:
This hardcover journal is one of our favorites. A prayer journal is a vital tool that can help keep your prayer life on point. It’s not unusual to forget the prayers that God has answered or the things you’ve been praying for. A journal (like this one) can help keep a record of the people you’ve been praying for and the situations that you have been praying about. The beautiful pages also give you a place to doodle and color as you list your praises and prayers. This would be the perfect gift for a church or small group leader or a prayer warrior in your life.





Restore My Soul: A Coloring Book Devotional Journey by Ann-Margaret Hovsepian
We all know that coloring books are the new rage. I mean they are EVERYWHERE. And I’ve got to admit that I have a ton of them lying around my house. Though the outside of this looks like a regular adult coloring book, the inside is anything but. Restore My Soul is a devotional that gives you thought provoking devotions to go with the pictures. I absolutely adore this.  Every open page has two parts – on the left, a full-page devotional with Bible references and directives for how to pray and focus during the week. The other side is a full sized gorgeous picture to color. As I color, I can meditate on the Word and His message for me. This book is a SLAM DUNK for gift giving. This would be fabulous for ANYONE this season.


That Faith Sticks – STICKERS

These are  adorable little stickers you can use for scrapbooking or craft projects. But the thing that sets them apart is that you can color them! There are hundreds of ways you can use these little stickers. Make them gift tags for presents or decorate a gift you’ve wrapped for someone special. You can even decorate your Christmas cards or care packages you might be sending to someone through the mail.




Girls Slimline Holy Bible:
Do you have a young lady in your life who loves stuffed animals? This Bible is PERFECT for her. It’s FUZZY! Seriously – both of my teenage daughters were fighting over this one because they loved it so much
. The actual cover of the Bible is soft and fuzzy and the edges are decked out in silver glitter. The inside covers are bright pink too. And if you’re wondering about the scriptures, this is New Living Translation – making it easy to understand and follow. It’s a perfectly blinged out Bible for the young lady in your life.







INSPIRE: The Bible for Creative Journaling:
This Bible is over the top gorgeous! I fell in love with it the second I opened the box. It’s a soft teal/Tiffany blue color hardcover. The outside edges of the Bible are printed with flowers and butterflies. It is absolutely stunning to look at. When you open the book, even the inside cover and the nameplate are designed to be colored. Each page has something you can color, but also notebook sections down each page where you can take notes. For me, this is vital. I always make tons of notes in the margins so I tend to get really picky when it is time to look at a Bible. Now I will caution that I wouldn’t use pens or markers for the coloring. The pages are regular Bible pages – so they are thin and you can see through them easily. I would recommend colored pencils for this one. But I absolutely adore that I can color while studying the Word! This Bible is a definite keepsake for that special woman in your life. Imagine coloring and filling in all of the pages with notes and gorgeous artwork and then handing it to future generations! Definitely don’t miss this Bible!


THRIVE: A Journaling Devotional Bible for Women:

I’m just going to start this review with a total rave. The Thrive Journaling Devotional Bible for Women is AMAZING. This is an oversized hardcover Bible with a cloth covering. It’s a rough fabric – think along the lines of canvas. The spine of the Bible is also this same fabric, but it’s a beautiful teal (again with that gorgeous Tiffany blue color!) and you can see stitching where it is pulled together with the ivory/natural fabric for the front.  This is a solidly built Bible. It feels heavy duty when you hold it in your hands.

The inside of the Bible is also gorgeous with the teal flowers throughout, but it’s not just about looks. This Bible is a hardcore study Bible that is intended to be USED. There are plenty of spaces for notes on each page and there is a 365 day reading plan that allows you to check off and make notes when you have read. The opening pages of the Bible are also jam packed with a ton of Bible study tips and hints for how to not just read the Bible, but learn it and apply it.

This Bible is, to me, nearly perfect for study, research and beauty.


The Aetherlight Bible:
“This Bible is AWESOME!” those are the words that were spoken by my son within seconds of opening this Bible and I have to say that I agree.

First, let’s get this out of the way – this Bible is connected to an online video game. You can find it here and it’s free to play.

The Aetherlight Bible works hand in hand with the game and let me reiterate – it is really cool! It’s small enough to tuck into a backpack or carry to church and it is designed to captivate the mind. Throughout the pages are character introductions, story elements from the game and of course – Bible verses and study. Each of these tie-ins to the game is Biblically based and both the Bible and the game dovetail together to create a cohesive universe. There are also unlock codes in the Bible as well that will open up bonus features to the game.

The Bible itself is New Living Translation and it has a full concordance in the back as well as a 365 day reading plan. It’s decorated throughout in a steampunk style to match the game, but each page has colorful accents and fun sayings.

If you have a young gamer in your life, snag this Bible and see about getting them connected to The Aetherlight game! It’s about time we had some fun, family friendly, Bible based games out there to keep our kids minds on the right sort of things!




Hidden in My Heart Bible:
Do you have a new believer or a young person in your life? This Bible is a must have for anyone who wants to not only dig deeper into scripture, but also memorize the Word. Built with a list of 100 verses (called Core Verses) this Bible gives you the foundation for actively taking God’s word into your heart and memorizing it. It is set up with a variety of themes so you can look up things like joy, peace, healing and find all of the scriptures in one place.

The Hidden in My Heart Bible is an exceptional tool for anyone ready to not only learn more about God’s word, but memorize it and apply it in everyday life.





365 Pocket Morning Prayers

Do you need a good stocking stuffer? The 365 Pocket Morning Prayers book is perfect. It’s small enough to tuck into a purse or backpack. It’s got a beautiful soft leather-like covering and it’s packed with scriptures you can pray every day.  It is organized for prayers on a daily basis, but it’s also got a topical index in the back of the book. So if you’re having a rough day and need grace or peace, you can look up prayers that will fit exactly what you need. Everything in this book also has a Biblical reference to anchor the prayers in God’s word.







Guys Slimline Holy Bible
If you think we’ve forgotten the young men in your life, don’t worry! We have a couple of FABULOUS gift ideas for men and the Slimline Holy Bible is one of them. Easy to tuck into a backpack, briefcase, or even carry to church, this Bible is slick looking. In fact, when we opened this package, my son immediately snagged it, held it to his chest, and told his sisters they were not coming near it. That doesn’t happen every day – especially with a 12-year-old! In fact, he’s been hovering over me ever since I started writing this review and the second I told him he could take it, it was gone. He’s got it settled on the bookshelf in his room right next to his bed. If you have a young man that isn’t maybe quite to the age of ‘manly’ Bibles, this one is perfect for a tween. It’s cool enough to not be a kid’s Bible and yet not quite all the way to adult.








All Things New -365 Day Devotional by Cherie Hill
With a devotion for every single day, this slightly bigger than pocket sized devotional coloring book is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who loves to color and doesn’t want to tote a big oversized book around. With beautiful images, room to write and Bible verses/devotions for each day, this small book packs a punch!








Abundant Life in Jesus by Nancy Guthrie
With a beautiful leather-like cover embossed with beautiful designs, this devotional book will look as gorgeous on your shelf or paired with your Bible. This devotional will touch your heart with its daily reminders of God’s love for us. With themes like “I have reserved something for you.” and “I have made you my child” it’s like opening a love letter from God himself every day. It’s compact enough to carry in a purse or even tuck into an oversized pocket and once you start reading, you will want to make sure it is with you all the time.









The Play Along Bible written by Bob Hartman and illustrated by Susie Poole.
Do you have a little one in your life? If you do, then you know that the best way for them to remember and retain stories is by acting them out. This little Bible goes through some of the major stories in the Bible and gives you hand motions and activities you can act out so your little one can not only remember, but also tell the stories to others. It makes the Bible fun for little ones and can be a great addition to the gifts under the tree.









Praying Through the Bible For Your Kids by Nancy Guthrie
If you are a parent, you know that the praying for your child starts pretty much the second that you learn you’re going to have a baby and it pretty much doesn’t ever stop. Sickness, injuries, dreams, school…as parents we always try to cover our kids in prayer. This book helps give us an organized plan and ways to pray more effectively for our children. Rather than just hit or miss prayers, this book sets out a daily prayer plan to encourage, train and protect your children using God’s word and plan for their lives.  If you have a parent, grandparent,  youth leader or teacher on your list, this is a gift that will be cherished and treasured!








Inspire Psalms
This coloring book is GORGEOUS. In fact, there was a fight over it at my house and we’re still trying to figure out who gets to have this one. As the title says, it is the book of Psalms from the Bible and there are notebook sections throughout that will give you ample space to journal your thoughts as you’re reading God’s word. Along with that are absolutely stunning images from the Psalms to color. As you work your way through these, you’ll be surprised at what you retain. Spending all of that time filling in the colors on these pictures will cement the verses in your mind and help you memorize the scriptures. This is a perfect and beautiful way to let go of the stress in your life and focus on God’s word for your life.




Need more ideas for gifts? Check out this other recommendation post.


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