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Radiant Young Adults

Young Adult (YA) books have, in recent years, become a powerful driving force in the publishing industry. Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games…all of these are YA books that have changed the face of entertainment and shaken the publishing industry into a new state of mind.

Because of this, there are a large number of people whose only jobs are to see what young people are reading and engage them in actively discussing these books. Right now, the trends in YA reading are skewing toward supernatural books – many with violent overtones. These books are targeted to young audiences and they are pushed toward them with little thought for the content or what they’re teaching this generation of readers.

With this sort of influence pushing at young people from all sides, we felt it was important to have a place online where young people and their parents can find solid reviews of YA books with a Christian perspective. For this reason, we have chosen to review not only Christian YA books, but secular books as well. We wanted a place where parents would be able to see and understand what is in the books that their teens are being encouraged to read. We also felt that it was important to not only have an adult/parent perspective on these books, but to also include a YA reader’s thoughts as well. That’s why we have started Radiant Young Adults, our YA reviewing program.

With this program, it is our hope to provide reviews that young readers will find engaging and that their parents will find helpful and informative. We want to help parents know what their kids are reading and help young people find books that they will enjoy.

You can meet our Radiant Young Adult Staff below and you can see all of our Radiant Young Adult reviews by clicking this link:  RADIANT YOUNG ADULT REVIEWS.


Age Breakdown:

We’ve broken the age groups for our Young Adult reviews into the following categories. Whenever you see the corresponding graphic on a review, you’ll know immediately what age group the book is recommended for. But we caution you to read the reviews carefully. We’re listing the books according to what the publisher recommends, but once our reviewers have read the books, sometimes our recommendations are different!

Tween Lit: 10-13

Teen Lit Junior: 13 – 16

TeenLit Senior: 16 + up





Kaitlyn G

Kaitlyn G. lives in Texas with her Mom, Dad, and five younger siblings.  If you can’t find her with her nose in a book, she may be playing the piano, caring for her pet tortoise, or enjoying the outdoors.  She is very active in her church and loves to work in the nursery.  Her favorite types of books are science fiction and mystery novels.




Sydney is a tween who lives with her parents, two younger siblings and her two dogs in Texas. She’s the oldest in her family and she loves science fiction! She enjoys reading sci-fi books and watching sci-fi movies and tv shows and then writing about them. She’d like to be an archaeologist someday and she also loves going to church and hanging out with her friends.


Christian Hope

Christian Hope

Christian Hope lives with her mom, dad, brother, sister and two dogs in Texas. She likes using her middle name too because when she just says Christian, everyone thinks she’s a boy! Even though she’s only ten, she’s already lived a couple of different places and traveled all over the country. She really loves fashion and other girly stuff, her American Girl dolls, and she’s just started enjoying books and reading too. She loves telling people what she thinks – so she thinks reviewing books is going to be a great job for her!



Kaitlyn is a tween who lives with her mom and dad in Nebraska. She is the oldest child and has 1 younger brother. Kaitlyn loves school, her favorite subject being science this year. She is active at church and in the AWANA program, competing in Bible Quizzing each year. She also loves spelling, reading and playing outside with friends.


*Note: Some parents might have different standards than we do. We will always note our concerns or issues in our reviews so be sure that you read the reviews carefully before giving the books to your kids.