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Resolve this year to raise more mindful, empowered children

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Resolve this year to raise more mindful, empowered children

20 Dec Posted by in Articles | Comments Off on Resolve this year to raise more mindful, empowered children
Resolve this year to raise more mindful, empowered children

STORY PITCH:​ ​2018 – ​Resolve this year to raise more mindful, empowered children

We are Anna & Lindy, mom entrepreneurs on a mission​ to power the next generation of mindful leaders, our children.

W​e are here to answer any questions ​and​ to make pitch modifications!
Whether it be toddler yoga or meditation classes instead of detention at school, raising mindful children is a fast-growing trend. Mompreneurs, Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood, know all about it — and they are available to talk about how families can integrate mindfulness in their lives. Their recently launched Love Powered Littles, a boxset of affirmation cards which empowers children to have a positive self-talk, confidence, self-love and self-worth, has been a run-away success.

“Our world is moving so fast. It’s so chaotic and so plugged-in. Mindfulness is imperative now. We need to ground ourselves,” says Sood, co-founder of Love Powered Co.

“If we can bring in simple mindfulness practices such as sitting down and taking three deep breaths with our kids, it will bring the levels of anxiety, overwhelm and stress down in our families,” Lozano adds.

Everyone from Goldie Hawn to neuroscientists are promoting mindfulness in the classroom, with research showing positive effects on education, relationships and mental health.

So how can we bring mindfulness in our homes in 2018?

Sood and Lozano are available for interviews to talk about the tangible benefits of raising more mindful kids and how to integrate it into your family’s life. They have innumerable examples from their own experiences and great stories to tell.

Some shareable tips include:

– As soon as you feel your child’s anxiety rising or a tantrum coming, sit down and take a deep breath together. Breathwork can deliver powerful mind and body benefits. Also practice breathing exercises ahead of tantrums (for toddlers, for example, simulate smelling a freshly baked cake and then blowing out the candles).

– Use props. A school in East Harlem has had excellent results with teaching children self-control through mindfulness meditation. They did daily sessions of “breathing buddies” where kids lied down and put a stuffed animal on their bellies. They would watch their stuffed toys rise as they inhaled and lower as they exhaled.

– Use affirmations. Affirmations like the ones features on the Love Powered Littles cards, instil self-worth and confidence in our children. It replaces the negative self-talk that often occupies our minds with positive and empowering thoughts.

– Go for a walk (Sood will ask her children to identify items in nature and describe them — like a mindful scavenger hunt). Do some yoga poses together. Dance to a song that lights you up. Motion generates emotion. Movement fills the body with positive endorphins.

– Think of one thing you are grateful for in this very moment, share it with your child and encourage her to do the same thing. Incorporate it into your daily routine such as going around the table and sharing before family dinner.

Learn more about Love Powered Co. and watch their video here.



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