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Review: A Chance at Forever

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Review: A Chance at Forever

07 Feb Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: A Chance at Forever
Review: A Chance at Forever

A Chance at Forever by Melissa Jagears
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Bethany House Publishing
Publication Date: March 6, 2018

Mercy McClain joined the Teaville School Board to provide the protection for the children that she felt was lacking when she was growing up there. As the board prepares to hire a new teacher, the latest candidate reminds her of someone. Aaron Firebrook may have the last name of her childhood tormentor, but his demeanor is entirely too gentle to be the brute she dreaded seeing every day. How could it be possible?

Aaron Firebrook returned to Teaville to make amends to everyone he had wronged as George. He even has a list. At the top of the list is Mercy McClain. Born with one normal arm, and a stump of the other one, Mercy was an easy target, and growing up, George took aim daily. He knows why he did it, and has NO desire to enlighten anyone on that score. All he wants is to make things right. When he realizes that the beauty on the board, is none other than Mercy, he sees the job he covets going out the window before he can do anything about it.

Determined to stay in town and do what he can, Aaron takes a job as a math tutor and gardener at the town orphanage, where children taken from the soiled doves in the red light district are given homes, and the love their lives had been lacking. Reporting to work, he is stunned to discover that Mercy also works there. As she follows him around, waiting for his anger to be unleashed on a child, Mercy begins to see that maybe change is possible. The Aaron she sees patiently working with his charges, has no resemblance to the angry bully of her childhood.

When things in the mansion start to disappear, and one of the older boys shows signs of delinquency, can Mercy and Aaron work together to solve the thefts, save the boy, and in the process, find mercy and forgiveness for their pasts?

This series has been so strong, and this third book in the Teaville Moral Society series, poses the question, Can a particularly awful past ever be redeemed? Themes of forgiveness, trust, mercy, grace are woven throughout, and readers will be stunned by the depth of pain Aaron (George) still carries into adulthood. I know I was! Mercy had every right to hold a grudge and not live up to her name, but the depth of her faith and caring shone. In spite of her handicap, she was a light to everyone around her, and her willingness to stand up for what was right in the face of the wealth and privilege of some of the TMS members was wholly admirable.

Of all the Teaville Moral Society books, this one wrung the most tears from me. If you love heart-rending reading, with a romantic bent, pick this one up. If you’ve read the other three books in this series, you’ll definitely want to read A Chance at Forever. This historical romance, set in 1900’s Kansas, has love to spare, faith to lean on, and forgiveness to set hearts free. Beautifully done, Melissa Jagears! I absolutely recommend this one!!

Rated PG: The subject of child sexual abuse is touched on, pretty obscurely, but it’s there.

Reviewer’s copy was personally purchased.


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