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Review: A Fragile Hope

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Review: A Fragile Hope

11 Aug Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: A Fragile Hope
Review: A Fragile Hope

A Fragile Hope by Cynthia Ruchti
Reviewed by: Mary Ann Bell
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Publication Date: April 4, 2017

In this novel, Cynthia Ruchti introduces Josiah Chamberlin, a well-known marital counselor who has written many books on the subject of marriage, and his wife Karin, an artist with her own unique line of greeting cards; “Seedlings and Sentiments”.
Josiah is so involved with his own work that he tends to put his profession of author, speaker and relationship expert over the importance of his marriage. When we meet Karin, she is at her breaking point with Josiah and her marriage. The night that she plans to leave her so-called marriage counselor husband, she ends up in a car wreck with her friend and business partner’s husband.

When Josiah gets to the hospital he finds his wife with major brain injury and pregnant. Josiah had been told that the possibility of him ever having children was extremely slim. With his wife in a coma and no one else to fill in the facts, Josiah feels betrayed. As the story continues, Josiah examines his own life, the fragility of hope, and learns the strength of love and faith.

This is an amazing book of faith, hope, love, and courage. From the first paragraph to the last, there is the hope of reconciliation, the hope of healing, the hope of acceptance, the hope of truth. It is a book full of energy, one that the reader certainly does not want to put down.

I connected fully with the plot. I felt what all the characters were going through. I have been in Karin’s place, having myself gone through brain surgery. I know how it feels for the family involved, the husband, the parents. I was so encouraged by the thoughts and sentiments that were at the beginning of each chapter such as “Hope does not have an expiration date”.
I believe that the reader will come away from reading this novel with lessons of the delicateness and the strength of love, the constant need to nourish and grow our relationships and how important communication is in our lives, especially with those closest to us.

Rated PG-13: The events in the book may be more suitable for an older audience

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the Publisher. Thank you!


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