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Review: A Love Made New

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Review: A Love Made New

28 Jul Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: A Love Made New
Review: A Love Made New

A Love Made New by Kathleen Fulleralovemadenew
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Amish Romance, Fiction
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: September 13, 2016

Losing her parents in a hit-and-run buggy accident was Abigail Schrock’s first blow. Her sister JoAnna’s serious injuries were the second blow. Having to leave her beau, Joel, for six weeks while she helped her sister through rehab was the third blow. Now she’s back in Birch Creek and ready to pick up where she and Joel left off – planning the wedding they were discussing before she left. Both of her sisters have found their “happy-ever-afters” and she’s eager to get started on hers. When she walks over to see Joel, expecting a proposal, what she gets instead is the final blow that shatters her heart. He informs her that he wants to break up with her and he has been seeing someone else in her absence.

Completely convinced that Joel discarded her because she had gained quite a bit of weight while she was away, Abigail closes off her heart to the possibility that anyone else might ever love her. In some ways she’s her own worst enemy — hiding candy, snacking whenever the mood strikes – but she doesn’t seem to care. When handsome Asa Bontrager returns to the community and tries to befriend her, Abigail builds her internal walls even higher.

Asa has returned to Birch Creek from Shipshewana because God told him to. He purchases his parents’ old homestead and begins fixing the house. Soon after he arrives, he feels yet another prompting from God to pursue Abigail. Prickly as she is, the more time Asa spends with her, the harder he falls for her.
Can Asa convince Abigail that he finds her beautiful even if she doesn’t feel lovely? Will she stop seeing Asa through the hurts of her past and allow him to show her that not all men are as shallow as the ones she’s experienced up to now?

I’ve enjoyed all three visits to Birch Creek courtesy of Kathleen Fuller. I especially enjoyed meeting many of the secondary characters and seeing them change for the better. With themes of forgiveness woven through all three books, there is also a strong emphasis on community and helping one another within the body of the church — all values the Amish are known for.

While this is book 3 in the Birch Creek Amish trilogy, it can be read as a stand-alone as well. I just happen to think it makes it a little better when I know the backstory of some of the secondary characters as I read. If Amish fiction/Amish romance is your thing, you will love this series by Kathleen Fuller. She has quickly become an author that I look for whenever new books come out! I definitely recommend this one.

Rated PG: There is some reference to premarital sex that might be beyond the young reader.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by Publisher. Thank you!


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