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Review: A Matter of Trust

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Review: A Matter of Trust

17 Aug Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: A Matter of Trust
Review: A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust by Susan May Warren
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: July 4, 2017

Oh, my! Get ready for a reading blitz with this one! Fast paced, edge-of-your-seat action and the heroes of PEAK Rescue, all in one place. This series just gets better!

Gage Watson has spent the last three years trying to live down his reckless reputation. One of the best free-riding snowboarders ever, Gage lost it all when another young man was killed following Gage’s line. Never mind that Gage had refused to take him along. He still died following Gage, trying to be him. Because of the lawsuit that followed, Gage lost his entire career, his sponsorships, even the woman he was rapidly falling in love with. Gone.

The last man Ella Blair expected to run into when she went searching for her wayward brother was Gage Watson. Three years ago she fell hard for the snowboarding superstar. Now, he’s the only one who has a prayer of talking her brother out of his latest harebrained scheme. Ollie wants to ski Gage’s most epic run – a run Gage spent years plotting and planning – a run that nearly killed him. Ella can’t let her brother do it but can she ask the man she betrayed in court to help her?

I know nothing about skiing or snowboarding but even I could tell that this book was written by someone who does know. The amazing detail made me feel like I was watching everything happen on-screen. I could almost feel the powder in my face! And, let me tell you, I nearly had a panic attack of my own while I read the avalanche scene. It was WAY too realistic!

I love how Ms. Warren weaves together the lives of all of the team members. While A Matter of Trust focuses on Gage’s story and his relationship with Ella, we also get to see more of Ty Remington, Pete Brooks, Jess Tagg, Ian Fleming, and the other PEAK team members. The ongoing mystery that started in the first book gets some new clues toward solving it but not enough to finish it. Romance readers will enjoy Gage and Ella’s story. Action/adventure readers will love the extreme skiing scenes – which are many. I highly recommend this book. While it works as a stand alone, it’s much better if you have the background from the first two books. Add this to your summer reading stack!

Rated PG: The avalanche scene is awfully intense. Otherwise, this is a G rated book.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the Publisher via NetGalley. Thank you!


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