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Review: A Promise to Protect

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Review: A Promise to Protect

04 Dec Posted by in Reviews | 1 comment
Review: A Promise to Protect

A Promise to Protect by Patricia Bradleyapromisetoprotect
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: October 7, 2014

Tony Jackson’s last words as he bled out from a gunshot wound were to tell his best friend, Sheriff Ben Logan, to “Protect Leigh!” Ten years ago, Ben wanted nothing more than to marry Leigh and to protect her forever, but she walked out of his life. Now she’s back in Logan’s Point and apparently in grave danger.

Leigh Somerall has been concerned about her brother Tony. She was concerned enough to call her first love Ben to ask him to protect Tony. Instead, the first time she sees him in ten years, Ben tells her that Tony died in his arms as the result of a gunshot wound. He puts Leigh and her son T.J. under protective custody after he takes her home to find her house ransacked. As they are walking to the car, gunshots ring out again, and the danger to Leigh is brought home with a vengeance.

Ben never understood why Leigh left him. All he knew was that one night he was in love and planning a life with her, and the next night she was gone. He never knew the secret she took with her- his son TJ. Since she left him, she has become a doctor, well respected in the medical community. She now works in the ER at the local hospital fulfilling an obligation to the community that funded her college scholarship. As danger continues to stalk Leigh and TJ, Ben is as drawn to her as he ever was.

Leigh has tried for ten years to forget Ben, but how can she when her son grins with Ben’s smile and when TJ has inherited Ben’s athletic gifts. To protect her son, she agrees to live with Ben’s parents even though his father Tom is the one who convinced Leigh to leave Ben in the first place. Tom has had a debilitating stroke that has affected his speech, but not his mind. As soon as he sees TJ, Leigh sees recognition of what he lost in his eyes, but she refuses to tell Ben the truth, thinking he lost that right years ago by not fighting for her.

Can Ben find Tony’s killer before he gets to Leigh? Will he be able to keep her safe?

This book looks at trust and how very important it is to keeping a relationship vital. Leigh has lost her trust in Ben on a personal level. She finds it difficult to trust anyone in the town because of the way she was treated as a semi-wild child in her younger years. Because of her lack of trust, she relies on herself too much, getting in trouble more than once as a result. Ben lost trust in himself a few years back because of a tragedy that happened on his watch. Because of that, he denies himself contact with most children. Leigh’s son worms his way into Ben’s heart as he struggles to protect them both.

If you love romantic suspense, you will love this book. Many books “foreshadow” who the villain of the story is. What I liked about this book was that even though the foreshadowing was there, it could have pertained to more than one person, so the villain remained a mystery to me up until the ending confrontation.

Rated PG: This was a clean read but maybe a bit too “teeth-clenching” for young children.

Reviewer’s personal copy.


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