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Review: A Treasure Concealed (Sapphire Brides #1)

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Review: A Treasure Concealed (Sapphire Brides #1)

23 Sep Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: A Treasure Concealed (Sapphire Brides #1)
Review: A Treasure Concealed (Sapphire Brides #1)

A Treasure Concealed (Sapphire Brides #1) by Tracie Petersonatreasureconcealed
Reviewed by: Sydney Anderson
Genre: historical, romance, inspirational, Christian
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: March 1, 2016

Emily Carver lives on a mining claim with her gold-panning, gold-hungry father and ailing mother. All Emily has ever wanted is a place they can stay and call home and maybe someday a love of her own. One day when Emily’s father brings home a young geologist, Caeden Thibault, who works for the state, her world is turned upside down. During this same time, some men come to town buying up all the mining claims of those that will sell. But Emily’s father is stubborn and will not sell. Then a tragic fire occurs where Emily’s sick mother is burned alive. Emily knew her mother was going to die, but wasn’t prepared for it to be like this. Now Emily struggles with what next to do with her life. To leave her father and start her own life as her mother suggested, or stay and watch out for her ever-searching gold-hungry father? Emily stays with her father, cooking, cleaning, and occasionally assisting in the search for gold. But then more tragedy strikes when one of the men wanting to buy up her father’s land returns and shoots her father and bangs Emily across the head, leaving her unconscious. With so much tragedy and turmoil, will Emily ever be able to find peace, a home to call her own, and possibly love with the handsome Caeden Thibault?

Tracie Peterson has written a delightful and inspiring story in A Treasure Concealed, book one in the Sapphire Brides Trilogy. With plenty of adventure and mischief, this story will have readers consumed from page one until the very end. Tracie brings to life her characters in an enchantingly and charmingly, as well as crafts a beautiful story that will engage and entice readers that enjoy historical, inspirational, Christian, romance. This story brings to life the tale of gold-seekers, and the rough life of those who went traveling from place to place looking for gold and the toll it took on the families. I would highly recommend this story to Christian fiction readers.

Rated PG: A couple of violent scenes, some involving guns or physically protecting oneself; nothing graphic

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the Publisher. Thank you!


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