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Review: A Wedding Song in Lexington, Kentucky

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Review: A Wedding Song in Lexington, Kentucky

29 Sep Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: A Wedding Song in Lexington, Kentucky
Review: A Wedding Song in Lexington, Kentucky

A Wedding Song in Lexington, Kentucky, by Jennifer JohnsonA Wedding Song in Lexington, Kentucky, by Jennifer Johnson
Reviewed by: Renee Chaw
Genre: Inspirational Romance
Publisher: Barbour
Publication Date: 6/1/2012

Megan McKinney is a happy-to-be-single secretary at a law office in Kentucky where 2 out of 3 of her bosses just so happen to be womanizers – one who is too handsome and charming for his own good. Daily she sees women go in and out of his office and is disgusted by his womanizing ways. Her job at the law office is pretty cozy and she doesn’t really have any complaints about her treatment but she longs for something more from her life. Determined to finish off her education and become a music teacher she applies for a job at the local school to work alongside her twin sister, Marianna. She’s just hoping that her boss won’t be reluctant to give her a good reference!

Justin Frasure, successful lawyer has made a lot of changes in his life including becoming a Christian and giving up his womanizing ways. He’s been fairly successful in his Christian walk but having beautiful and kind Megan right under his nose is hard to deal with. Taking things slowly and letting everything work itself out in God’s time proves to be quite the challenge especially when all around good guy and long-time Christian, Colt Baker shows an interest in Megan.

Being pulled in two different directions by two very different men isn’t something Megan ever expected to be facing. Will she learn to overcome her painful past? Will she choose the reformed bad-boy or the good ol’ boy who is “right” in almost every sense? Find out in A Wedding Song In Lexington, Kentucky.

As a reader and lover of women’s fiction, romance, and Christian fiction I think it’s safe to say that A Wedding Song in Lexington, Kentucky, contains elements of all of these genres. This is one story that’s heavy on the Christian message of forgiveness and overcoming temptations, facing one’s past (something you might see you might see in women‘s fiction), and a dash of love and that happily-ever-after that we read in our favorite romance. Jennifer Johnson definitely tackled some pretty serious issues like premarital relations and rape so this really isn’t your typical Christian romance novel.

Each of the characters is very “life-like” and battles their own issues. At some point I believe we’ve all struggled with forgiveness and there are definitely some things one could learn from Megan, Justin, and even some of the secondary characters (Tina, Colt‘s sister-in-law and Barbara Megan’s mom). Almost all of the characters are Christian and there is a lot of talk of faith which might turn the inexperienced Christian fiction reader off but this is still a good story. There were a few loose ends left in the story that I wish were addressed concerning one of the lead male characters (I can’t say who it is or I’ll spoil the story!) but I definitely saw major potential for a sequel! *Fingers crossed!*

Rated PG: A mention of date rape and some mention of liaisons with women that took place in a now Christian’s past. Nothing graphic.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!

 About the Reviewer:  

Renee ChawRenee Chaw, who is she? She’s a fun loving tomboy with a bit of a girly streak. In the fourth grade she started a scrapbook devoted to classic cars and Barbies. To this day she has the scrapbook and she still has a few Mustang pics on her wall. She just recently acquired a Twilight poster for her closet door. Even though her teen years are a thing of the past, she still has her “fangirl” moments. She has many “book boyfriends.” At the moment she’s trying to decide who she likes best, Mr. Darcy or Mr. Thornton.

Armed with a can of Mtn. Dew and her favorite book (which usually features a dashing hero like those mentioned above) she will barricade herself in her room until football season and Steeler Sunday when she emerges wearing her Heath Miller jersey and waving the Terrible Towel. Renee is a kid at heart who never takes things too seriously and with a menagerie of furry friends and two kid brothers it’s easy to see why. Life’s a circus. Serious stuff: She has a BA in History that she’s not sure if she will ever use professionally.


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