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Review: A Woman’s Place

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Review: A Woman’s Place

06 Oct Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: A Woman’s Place
Review: A Woman’s Place

A Woman’s Place by Katelyn Beatyawomansplace
Reviewed by: Caitlin Anderson
Genre: Religion / Christian Life / Women’s Issues
Publisher: Howard / Simon and Schuster
Publication Date: July 1, 2016

I’d like to raise a glass to Katelyn Beaty.

She is unabashedly a lover of Jesus, family, and doing the work that God has placed on your heart. In the Christian world, this can be revolutionary, especially as she builds the case that God has called women to work.

What “Lean In” was for women’s groups across Corporate America, “A Woman’s Place” must be in churches. As more and more women work, the church has been ill-equipped to help nurture working women. If you don’t see that, ask yourself when the women’s Bible study meets. Is it during the day? Or is it at a time when a working woman can attend?

As a career woman and working mother, I appreciated Katelyn’s willingness to ask the tough questions, advocate for change in the way work is approached, and her moxie in digging into the Scriptures to talk about an issue most simply don’t touch. I underlined most of the book, wanting to shout AMEN! and ABOUT TIME!

The center of Katelyn’s discussion is on the fact that God created in His image. In His image, He made us male and female. By focusing exclusively on one gender, we’re missing out on the fuller picture of God and what He has for us.

Katelyn digs into societal issues such as women working outside the home, education, and family policies, all of which have been lumped under “women’s issues.” However, these issues face the entire population, not just the female half.

Katelyn is incredibly pro-family, pro-marriage, and pro following what God has called each individual to do. Nowhere does she dismiss any of these callings, nor should her book be dismissed as “liberal” or “feminist.” This book deserves a place in your home, discussion group, and local library.

A Woman’s Place is a book that will make you stop and pause about the state of Christian women. Are we celebrating when women step into the roles that God has created them for? Are we crafting policies that make it easier for a mother to give birth and spend time with her newborn without worrying about losing her job? Are we welcoming working women in the church by giving them roles where they can use their strengths? Do we offer Bible studies during non-working hours? All too often, the answer to these questions are no. But we have the power and ability to encourage change. As we should.

It’s time to start celebrating the Christian woman’s place.

Rated G: This book is appropriate for anyone and everyone.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by Publisher. Thank you!


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