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Review: Alice’s Notions

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Review: Alice’s Notions

27 Jun Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Alice’s Notions
Review: Alice’s Notions

Alice’s Notions by Tamera Lynn Kraft
Reviewed by: Caitlin Anderson
Genre: Historical Fiction – Romance
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Publication Date: April 10, 2017

Alice’s Notions is a tale of love, honor, and a small town spy ring.

Not everything is as it seems in the tiny town recently widowed Alice Brighton ran back to. The war is over but racism and distrust linger in the town…and in her own heart.

Tamara Lynn Kraft weaves a tale that holds all the glamour of a film from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Which is fitting as Alice is always comparing people to movie stars – a habit she and her husband Joe had started long before the war. There’s the one woman in town who reminds her of Ethel Barrymore and her mysterious landlord who has a handsome smirk that reminds her of Cary Grant. Not that she’s paying any attention, thank you very much.

It isn’t long before Alice realizes that the small town she left behind isn’t quite as quiet as she remembered. Secrets are revealed and neighbors aren’t what they seem. Alice thought she was opening a sewing shop and helping the local women. What she did instead was land in the middle of a small town spy ring!

This book wasn’t what I expected. I put this book down before bed and then got up to finish it because I just had to know how it resolved and who the sleeper Soviet spies were (say THAT three times fast).

Rated PG-13: Spies.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the Publisher. Thank you!


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