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Review: An Amish Picnic

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Review: An Amish Picnic

22 Jun Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: An Amish Picnic
Review: An Amish Picnic

An Amish Picnic by Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin, Kathleen Fuller, Vannetta Chapman
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication Date: March 2020

Four short stories by four of the best authors in Amish fiction? What’s not to love here?? An Amish Picnic focuses on four couples, and each romance is furthered in some way by a picnic. Amy Clipston starts things off with her “Baskets of Sunshine”. Kevin Weaver has been living with his brother and his family but longs for a house of his own. When his boss’ daughter, Phoebe Kurtz, invites him to join other young people for an outing, he feels out of his depth, and sees the group’s hijinks as immaturity. Can Phoebe make him see that maturity doesn’t mean not having fun? Kelly Irvin is up next with “Candlelight Sweethearts”. Esther Marie Shrock has tried everything to lose her stutter but nothing seems to work. The one thing she does well is fill orders at the local grocery store. When her boss has a heart attack leaving his son, Jasper to run things, she isn’t sure about being able to work with him. Jasper is a farmer, not a businessman. He hates feeling so inept, but he especially doesn’t like looking bad in front of Esther Marie. Can these two see that maybe their future is together, even though they both have been overlooked by others? Kathleen Fuller brings “Reeling In Love”, a short story tied to her ‘Amish Brides of Birch Creek’ series. When Nina Stoll has the startling revelation that she is in love with her best friend and fishing buddy, Ira Yoder, she’s not sure how to behave anymore. When her sister-in-law and pushy grandmother get involved, comedy ensues, as does eventual heartbreak. Will Ira ever realize that what he feels for Nina could be so much more? Vannetta Chapman rounds out the book with her “Picnics and Prospects”. David Lapp builds cabinets and tiny houses. Proud of his work, he tries to show one of his houses to Faith Troyer, only to have her collapse in terror. Her claustrophobia kicks in to embarrass her once again in David’s presence. He never understood years ago when their date to the carnival ended with her curled up in terror in the hall of mirrors. In fact, he laughed which is the most hurtful thing he could have done. Can David redeem himself in Faith’s eyes and show her that he is worth risking her heart? I loved so many things about these stories. Each features a couple that has somehow been ‘left on the shelf’. Either their appearance, or an impairment, or simply their past experiences have always gotten in the way of romance. I loved that each of these imperfect people found their own perfect someone. If you love Amish Romance, you will love this compilation. I read it in a day. Each story can be read in a few hours. I definitely recommend!


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