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Review: An Unbroken Heart

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Review: An Unbroken Heart

05 Jul Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: An Unbroken Heart
Review: An Unbroken Heart

An Unbroken Heart by Kathleen Fulleranunbrokenheart
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Amish Romance Fiction
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: March 15, 2016

Joanna Schrock has loved Andrew Beiler since childhood. A born wallflower, she is happiest with her nose in a book, but when the playground bullies discover she’s an easy target, Andrew steps in, taking a fist to the face on her behalf. The two grow up to be best friends, talking and laughing together and generally enjoying each other’s company. When they finally decide to date, they expect things to go smoothly, but the transition from friends to sweethearts is anything but.

As Joanna discusses with her parents her intention to marry Andrew as soon as he’ll have her, an argument ensues. One argument, one accident, and Joanna’s world is turned on its ear. She blames herself for distracting her dad as he drove the buggy, not the hit-and-run driver who actually slammed into them, killing both her parents. Determined to not be a burden to her sisters, she returns to her regular chores before she has healed enough to do so. And she pulls herself so deeply back into her shell that even Andrew has trouble finding her.

Andrew is frantic. He has loved Joanna at least as long as she has loved him, but after the accident, he feels her pulling away. Can he convince her that he loves her, scars and all?

An Unbroken Heart is book two in the Amish of Birch Creek series by Kathleen Fuller. Less intense than book one, Joanna’s story does not lack in emotion. She does a lot of growing up from the beginning of the book to the end and must learn to forgive – not only others but herself as well – a lesson we all could take to heart. I enjoyed “catching up” with Sadie and Aden and seeing how their love for one another had deepened. While this can be read by itself, readers will appreciate the background they get on the family by reading A Reluctant Bride as well. I look forward to reading sister Abigail’s story in A Love Made New coming out in September. I definitely recommend this book and this author. Kathleen Fuller has quickly become a favorite of mine!

Rated G: No worries here.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the local library.


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