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Review: Another Day Another Dali

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Review: Another Day Another Dali

16 Aug Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Another Day Another Dali
Review: Another Day Another Dali

Another Day Another Dali by Sandra Orchardanotherdayanotherdali
Reviewed by: Caitlin Anderson
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: October 18, 2016

It’s too bad that art heists don’t take their cues from Cary Grant movies. That would make FBI Special Agent Serena Jones’ life easier. Instead, she’s mixed up in a comedy of errors, nosey relatives, and flying bullets. Oh, and stuck between two very handsome, very eligible, and very confusing bachelors.

In Another Day, Another Dali, Sandra Orchard picks up where the first installment of the Serena Jones Mysteries leaves off.

When her grandmother asks her to look into a neighbor’s missing Degas, Serena agrees. She’ll do anything to earn Nana’s approval – even if it means investigating another law enforcement officer. Besides, the case just might link with the fine art forgery ring she’s chasing down. Linking the two would certainly impress Tanner.

Ahh…Tanner. He’s her FBI trainer turned partner. He has a way of doing funny things to her heart when they are facing death, chasing criminals, or just hanging out at the station. Things are strictly professional between them…or are they?

While dodging death and a rogue gunman, Serena hunts down the missing Degas with the help of Nate Butler. He’s her handsome neighbor who has certainly given her a case of the warm fuzzies. But when he gives her a solid link to the criminal underground, she’s left wondering just what side of the law he’s on.

When she’s confronted with a link to a mystery in her past, Serena doesn’t know who to turn to.

Another Day Another Dali is equal parts mystery, comedy, and love triangle. I enjoyed it but I’m wary of the formulaic love triangle. I wanted to feel the chemistry between the characters and understand the tug towards both of them. Instead, it felt like they were placeholder “Love Interest Alpha Male” and “Love Interest Beta.” I wanted to know what made Tanner tick. And why isn’t Nate acting on any of Serena’s not so subtle hints? Is he shy, clueless, or simply not attracted?

With 333 enjoyable pages, there was time to develop the male characters a little more. That was the only stumble in the book. Yet…I know I’ll be picking up the next installment to find out what happens in the triangle.

Serena Jones feels like she should have her own line of Hallmark mystery movies.

Rated PG: There’s dead bodies and some violence.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by Publisher via Thank you!


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