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Review: Blind Spot

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Review: Blind Spot

25 Oct Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Blind Spot
Review: Blind Spot

Blind Spot by Dani Pettrey
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: October 3, 2017

Book 3 of Dani Pettrey’s Chesapeake Valor series takes up where Still Life left off. FBI agent Declan Grey knows there’s a threat to his country. What he doesn’t know is where the enemy will strike next. When his best clue leads him to the immigrant community, he turns to Tanner Shaw for help. With her contacts from her last position at the Intercultural Resource Center, Tanner has an “in” with the immigrants in Baltimore.

As the new FBI crisis counselor, Tanner is assigned to be Declan’s temporary partner. Already half in love with her, Declan is pretty sure it won’t take much to tip him over that edge. When their first informant is assassinated right in front of them, can Declan and Tanner continue to uncover the clues they need to stop the terrorist attack they know is coming? As they work together, will their love blossom and grow even as killers follow their progress on the case?

Griffin McCray and Parker Mitchell both make appearances in book 3. Griffin’s story line investigates the suicide (or was it murder) of their mentor, Haywood Grant. Parker steps in to do forensics on both Declan’s and Griffin’s investigations. Finley, now married to Griffin, and Avery, engaged to Parker, also play significant roles here. Seeing them working together on these cases was like watching a well-oiled machine. Each person has their role and fills it exceptionally well.

Weaved throughout the story is all of the main characters’ strong faith in God. They pray about everything, giving God first place in their lives. Their friendship is strong and enduring as well. In many ways, they are a band of brothers who have each other’s back. They count on each other to be the very best people to call on in every situation.

I don’t know how long it will be until Luke’s story hits the shelves but I do know it can’t come soon enough! I’ve read all 3 books in the series and since each one builds on the story before, I don’t recommend reading them out of order. Start with Cold Shot, move on to Still Life and continue with Blind Spot. I like how the series has an overall story and each book has a separate mystery to solve. If you love romantic suspense, you won’t be sorry you picked these up!

Rated PG: My rating of PG is more for violence than for romantic content.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the Publisher. Thank you!


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