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Review: Born of Persuasion

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Review: Born of Persuasion

21 Aug Posted by in Reviews | 2 comments
Review: Born of Persuasion

Born of Persuasion by Jessica Dotta
Reviewed by: Renee Chaw
Genre: Fiction/Historical
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication Date: September 2013

In 1838, there aren’t many options for a young lady who has not reached her majority or who remains unmarried. After the suicide of her mother and the death of her father, Julia Elliston is left with no choice but to submit to the whims of an unknown guardian or find a wealthy husband. Since the possibility of marrying her childhood sweetheart like she planned is not longer an option, Julia accepts the services of a devious, match-making Dowager. Not knowing what she’s getting herself into, she makes a journey to the estate of a recluse whose life is surrounded by scandal and rumors.

Upon arrival, Julia is immediately captivated by the dangerous Mr. Macy. In spite of his odd habits and the mysterious air about him, Julia can’t help but be taken in by him. While at his Eastbourne estate, secrets from her parents’ past are brought to light, and it becomes clear that everyone around Julia has something to hide. Is there anyone Julia can trust? Most importantly, what will happen to Julia when she makes a hasty decision that concerns not just her future but her heart as well as the heart of a very dear friend.

Born of Persuasion is the best Christian fiction I’ve read in a very long time. Most romances in the genre tend to be light-hearted and tender love stories — Born of Persuasion is not. My first impression of the book after having read only a few chapters was that it had a “darkness” about it that reminded me of Jane Eyre and other Gothic favorites. It is unusual in that the heroine is not a Christian. As you may know if you are a fan of Christian stories, a lot of characters find their faith by the end of the book and sometimes it can come across as rushed or forced. Born of Persuasion perfectly blends, mystery, drama, heartbreak, and romance with just a touch of sermonizing. I really hope that more authors take a page from Ms. Dotta’s book and write more stories like this! I believe this book could be in the running for one of my favorite Christian books of the decade and I cannot wait to see how Julia’s life changes in Book 2, Mark of Distinction.

Rated PG: References to suicide, murder, alcohol use. Some passionate kisses but nothing untoward or graphic.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thank you!



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