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Review: By Divine Right

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Review: By Divine Right

29 Mar Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: By Divine Right
Review: By Divine Right

By Divine Right by Patrick W. Carrbydivineright
Reviewed by: Amber McCallister
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Suspense
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: September 1, 2015

By Divine Right is a spectacularly brilliant and spellbindingly breathtaking start to what is bound to be yet another fabulous series that you won’t want to miss! Carr submerges you deeply and quickly into his new world of medieval mystery and intrigue. Everything you see, hear, and experience only intensifies and electrifies the incredible storyline. There is always something elusively hidden just out of sight that makes your skin crawl as the beautifully crafted mystery is revealed one layer at a time. Delving into another world of attractive deception and blinding truth makes my heart sing with utter delight and wonderful anticipation of what is to come.

The world that Willet Dura lives in is one that few will be able to relate to, and yet we can easily draw multiple parallels to our own without even trying. The lives of the people are hard and yet filled with purpose and meaning. When an unknown darkness begins to infiltrate their world through mysterious deaths, Willet feels drawn to this baffling mystery. What he begins to uncover is simply incomprehensible and yet the truth of it continues to stare him blatantly in the face. Can he help solve this dark puzzle before it’s too late, or will he find that he is just too small of a pebble to make the cruel current of the darkness break before it crushes everything he knows and loves?

Willet Dura is a deeply intriguing character who views the world in a slightly jaded yet stunningly clear perspective. There is obviously so much more to him than meets the eye, and I look forward to watching the layers peel back until all that is left is the purest form of the man himself. His world is one filled with abundant amounts of inequity and multiple layers of division. Even in the aftermath of a horrendous war, he still holds onto a gentle and sincere spirit. When he views his fellow citizens he sees more than just wealth and poverty. He sees untapped potential and an inborn significance that goes beyond their station in life. In other words, get good and comfortable because we are about to be plunged into a phenomenal journey that will tear our spirit apart bit by bit all the while rebuilding it into something that we will never recognize in the end.

Patrick W. Carr is one author that will leave a deep and lasting impression on your heart and your mind. When he creates it is with something that is not of this world. He will spark a flame in your soul that will either set it ablaze or forever leave a mark you will never be able to wipe away or even forget. There is sometimes more truth hidden in stories than we ever realize. Open your heart and your mind to this series as it paints you a mesmerizing masterpiece that will never leave you the same again.

Rating PG-13: There are some adult topics that are touched on like war and its after effects that may be too much for younger readers.

Reviewer’s copy was personally purchased.


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