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Review: Change of Heart (Paper Hearts #2)

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Review: Change of Heart (Paper Hearts #2)

13 May Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Change of Heart (Paper Hearts #2)
Review: Change of Heart (Paper Hearts #2)

Change of Heart (Paper Hearts #2) by Courtney Walshchangeofheart
Reviewed by: Sydney Anderson
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Publisher: Tyndale
Publication Date: March 1, 2016

All her life Evelyn Brandt has always been told what to do and how to behave. She thought marrying Christopher would change everything. He made her so many promises. But he broke those promises. All Christopher wanted was for Evelyn to be the perfect little politician’s wife, dressing the part, behaving the part, as well as attending and hosting events. Evelyn has done the very best she can to be that perfect wife, and in the process lost all sight of herself.

One day though, Evelyn’s so called “perfect life” comes crashing down when she discovers not only has her husband been cheating on her, but he also has been embezzling government funds. Evelyn is devastated as her world spirals completely out of control, as she is blamed as being an active participant in embezzling the money. Hurt beyond anything she could ever imagine, and to the disappointment of her parents, Evelyn files for divorce. Luckily in the process of everything that is going wrong, Trevor Whitney, an old friend of Evelyn and her ex-husband, allows her to live at his guest house until she gets a better hold on her life and wat she wants to do with it.

But as Evelyn tries to pick up the pieces of her broken and confusing life, she even begins to withdraw from her Valentine Volunteer job. But these women are not about to let Evelyn’s divorce destroy her. Evelyn was once a budding and promising artist before Christopher made her throw it all away to become is perfect little wife. And as Trevor and Evelyn work on this project together a bond and friendship of sorts begins to bud. But when past truths not only about her ex-husband, but Trevor’s involvement with helping her husband also come to light, will Evelyn be able to hold it all together and forgive Trevor so they can fall in love, or will the hurt and pain concur all?

Change of Heart by Courtney Walsh is a beautifully written enlightening and tragic story. It is disheartening to see the horror of truths of Evelyn’s husband’s wrong doings and to see how horribly people treat Evelyn due to this scandal. But it is also wonderful and uplifting to see Evelyn eventually find herself and rediscover her artistic ability and even eventually love. This is one of those stories that will grab readers from page one as the fall into Evelyn’s world. It almost feels like you are her cheerleader following her along and telling her she can make it that somewhere, someway, something will work out. This novel is a must read for lovers of contemporary, romance.

Rated PG: some adult content mentioned, cheating on a spouse, loitering of government money

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the Publisher. Thank you!


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