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Review: Counted with the Stars

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Review: Counted with the Stars

18 May Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Counted with the Stars
Review: Counted with the Stars

Counted with the Stars by Connilyn Cossettecountedwiththestars
Reviewed by: Renee Chaw
Genre: Biblical fiction
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: April 5, 2016

Wealthy Egyptian Kiya has known nothing but luxury as the daughter of a prominent businessman. Through no fault of her own, Kiya finds herself as a slave at the mercy of Tekurah, wife of Shefu, the man who holds her father’s debts. Having hoped to marry into a wealthy family, all her hopes for love and happiness are suddenly dashed. No man of a well to do family will marry a slave, no matter how much he loves her.

Kiya’s friend, a Hebrew girl named Shira, is her sole comfort. However, Shira’s handsome brother Eben is wary of all Egyptians, even bright and beautiful Kiya. At a time when Pharaoh seeks to control Egypt’s population of Hebrew slaves, treachery and mistrust abound at every turn. As plagues rain down on the land, Kiya must decide to remain in the homeland she knows and most surely end up dead or be led by the Hebrew Moses and his God into the unknown.

Kidnappers, murderers, spies – all threaten Kiya and her family on their journey out of Egypt. The evil men out for revenge are nothing when facing the desert heat, famine, and bitter waters. Is Moses a knowledgeable leader, a magician, a true man of God? Kiya’s next dilemma is to choose whether or not to surrender all for herself and those she loves.

Counted With the Stars is a stunning debut from the pen of Connilyn Cossette that is sure to capture the hearts and minds of teens and adult readers alike. Kiya’s transition from pampered girl to determined follower of Yahweh is told in such a way that is believable and mesmerizing. Kiya’s tale reads like a young adult novel that gives a glimpse into what life may have been like for an outsider looking in all those thousands of years ago. Occasionally however, the story loses the reader with anachronistic dialogue.

For a debut novel Counted with the Stars can be counted as a real winner. Connilyn Cossette is sure to gain legions of Biblical fiction fans if every story in the Out From Egypt series is as engaging and entertaining as the first. Three cheers for yet another quality story from Bethany House Publishers.

Rated PG: Some violence, attempted rape

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the Publisher. Thank you!


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