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Review: Deadly Encounter

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Review: Deadly Encounter

21 Oct Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Deadly Encounter
Review: Deadly Encounter

Deadly Encounter by DiAnn Millsdeadlyencounter
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication Date: August 1, 2016

It always amazes me how an author can take six or seven seemingly unrelated story lines and weave them in, around and through to come up with a work of fiction that makes sense and keeps their readers coming back book after book. DiAnn Mills is one of the best at writing romantic suspense and her newest, Deadly Encounter, ratchets the suspense on so many fronts that readers won’t know where to aim their concern next.

Dr. Stacy Broussard lives and works in one of the most crime-riddled areas of Houston. A veterinarian, she does what she can for those in her neighborhood. As a volunteer airport ranger, she takes her horse out on Saturdays, riding the perimeter of Houston’s airport checking for problems. Expecting a peaceful morning ride she sets out alone – against ranger protocol – only to have that peace shattered when she and her horse stumble across a dead body. Calling in the apparent murder, she can’t help noticing the injured dog that is with the dead man or the downed quad-copter drone mere feet away.

FBI Special Agent Alex LeBlanc and his partner, Ric Price, are assigned to the case. On the surface, Stacy’s discovery looks like a clear-cut case of terrorism. After all, the drone is laser equipped and capable of bringing down a 747 by blinding the pilot. When people in Stacy’s neighborhood start complaining of flu-like symptoms – some even dying from them – it begins to look like she was actually targeted. What could possibly be the end game when none of these incidents seem to be related? The urgency to solve the crime goes through the roof when Stacy contracts the deadly illness and her foster son, Whitt, disappears, also carrying the disease. Will they find the ‘why?’ or the ‘who?’ before more people – including Stacy and Whitt – die?

I loved several of the characters in this story. Whitt was by far my favorite. He’s 12 going on 32, intelligent beyond his years, has an off the chart IQ, and yet, inside he’s still a scared kid with too much life experience under his very young belt. The only issue I had with the story was the chemistry between Stacy and Alex – I didn’t think there was much before, BAM!, they were falling for one another. Everything else about the book worked for me. All of the twisty, turny, trails of breadcrumb clues, led to a very satisfying ending. If you like suspense that hits you from all sides, you will enjoy Deadly Encounter.

Rated PG: The book begins with a murder and several people die along the way, some in rather spectacular ways. Not really a story for young children.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by Publisher. Thank you!


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