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Review: Deceived

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Review: Deceived

23 Oct Posted by in Reviews | 1 comment
Review: Deceived

Deceived by Mary Irene Hannondeceived
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: October 7, 2014

What if you were told that your son and husband were both missing and presumed dead? What if they found your husband, drowned, and your son’s life jacket, empty? What if for three years you grieved your double loss, moved thousands of miles away from New York state to St. Louis and began to come to terms with the loss. Then, in a crowded mall, you’re going down an escalator and you hear a child going up the other side use a term you only ever heard your child use. You see the child and his hair is an exact match to yours, just like your dead son. All evidence has always pointed to your child being dead. What would you do?

In “Deceived” by Irene Hannon, Kate Marshall is faced with just this scenario. She never believed the police version of her husband’s death and the loss of her son. For one thing, her husband had promised that they would both ALWAYS wear their life jackets and he always kept his promises. When he was found without his and her son’s life jacket was found floating without him in it, she hounds the police to try to get them to take a closer look. She doesn’t believe the accidental death ruling but because everything can be logically explained, the police convince her that there must have been a momentary lapse on her husband’s part. In an effort to escape her memories, she takes a position halfway across the country where she works as a job counselor in a battered women’s shelter.

Doing a favor for an elderly neighbor, Kate finds herself at the mall on her lunch hour. As she rides the down escalator, listening to the buzz of conversation around her, she hears a child on the up escalator ask his daddy for a “poppysicle”, a term she had only ever heard her son, Kevin, use. She turns to catch a glimpse of the child and sees a little boy with hair that exactly matches hers who appears to be about the same age that her son would be, had he lived. She shouts her son’s name, the child looks at her full-on and her world comes to a screeching halt. The child is an exact ringer for what she always thought her son would look like. Once again she calls in the police who basically write her off as a crazed mother who is still grieving her son and seeing ghosts.

Enter Connor Sullivan and Phoenix, Inc., a detective agency with special skills. Connor is a former Secret Service agent who is the first person to take Kate’s story seriously. He begins investigating and his connections open doors that were previously closed to Kate’s private detectives. It isn’t long before he has evidence that points to the possibility that Kate’s son was actually abducted. As Connor and Kate work together to solve the mystery, it also becomes evident that they are both falling for each other.

The question is could the boy possibly be Kate’s son? How can they prove it without tipping off his abductor? If he is, what is his kidnapper willing to do to keep him?

I think this was the best of the three Private Justice novels. Irene Hannon tells a gripping tale of a mother’s love and a man of great honor. I loved that Kate was willing to look like she was losing it in order to find that which she loved most. I also loved the way Connor stood by his standards even though his growing love for Kate urged him to set aside the “unwritten company rule” of no fraternizing with the clients. Counting all of the God-incidences (because we all know there’s no such thing as a coincidence!) became a part of the enjoyment of this book. The way Hannon interwove the various story lines into the whole was nothing short of stunning. I also loved how this continued the stories of the previous two books in the series. We learn more about Cal and Moira from “Vanished” and Dev and Laura from “Trapped”. This is a stand-alone book but if you have the chance, you’ll want to read the other two as well. For romantic suspense, you won’t find anything that is much better than this!

Rated PG: This is a very clean read but the suspense is a little intense in spots for very young readers.

Review copy provided by the author. Thanks!


One comment

  • Irene Hannon says:

    Pam, thank you so much for the FABULOUS review. I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the book. Not sure where the Mary in front of my name came from, though!:) Anyway, your review made my day!

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