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Review: Falling Like Snowflakes

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Review: Falling Like Snowflakes

14 Sep Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Falling Like Snowflakes
Review: Falling Like Snowflakes

Falling Like Snowflakes by Denise Hunterfallinglikesnowflakes
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: September 8, 2015

Eden Martelli’s life just went from bad to worse. Danger has been stalking her and her mute son ever since her son witnessed the murder of his father. Fleeing WitSec when she witnesses the murders of their marshal protectors by another marshal, Eden heads to the one place she believes no one knows about, Loon Lake. Hours shy of her goal, her ancient car gives up the ghost and limps into the only garage in Summer Harbor, Maine. Half-frozen and hungry, Eden and Micah, her son, stumble into the local diner, only to be robbed of every piece of cash to her name. What else can go wrong? Desperate for a job and a place to stay, she walks five miles to the Callahan tree farm, the only place that’s hiring in the tiny town.

Former sheriff’s deputy Beau Callahan came home after his father’s death to run the family Christmas tree farm. He’s a fixer and feels it’s his responsibility to keep the family’s main source of income going. When Eden – now going by Kate – shows up on his doorstep, he turns her away saying he’d already filled the position. She leaves but unable to face the five mile walk again with her already exhausted son, she breaks into the Callahan’s shed to give them at least a bit of shelter.

When Beau’s aunt falls and breaks a hip, he knows it will take a special kind of person to be her in-home caregiver. Knowing of no one in Summer Harbor who could willingly take on the task, he immediately thinks of “Kate”. He leaves to look for her in town but instead notices a broken window in his shed. He investigates and finds “Kate” and her son, “Jack” sheltering in the shed. After she explains their plight, Beau offers her the job of his aunt’s caregiver – pending a background check. She agrees, knowing she won’t be staying long enough for a background check to come through – especially since the information she gives him is false. The longer she stays, the more she trusts Beau, but she has learned that even the most trustworthy man can become someone different if enough money is thrown his way.

The longer she stays, the closer the danger comes. Can Eden keep her secrets long enough to get away from those who want her dead? Will Beau and his friend the sheriff bring danger to their own doorstep?

This was a bit of a departure from Hunter’s usual romances in that a strong element of suspense was thrown in to make it even more page-turning. Beau was an interesting character, by turns clueless (engaged to his brother’s “best friend”? I could see right away that THAT was a bad idea!) and entirely TOO perceptive. He manages to piece together the tiny tidbits that “Kate” lets slip into a whole that equals her true identity. When he realizes that his heart has turned from Paige to Eden, he does the honorable thing and breaks things off with Paige. Can he convince Eden that both her physical safety and the safety of her heart can be placed in his keeping?

I definitely recommend Hunter’s latest offering and I am looking forward to any new Summer Harbor installments.

Rated PG-13: There is some allusion to spousal sexual abuse and the description of the murder Eden witnesses is rather ugly. While both of these are told gently, the book is probably not for very young children.

Reviewer’s copy provided by Publisher via NetGalley. Thank you!


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