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Review: Firewall

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Review: Firewall

02 Oct Posted by in Reviews | 1 comment
Review: Firewall

Firewall by DiAnn Millsfirewall
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Tyndale House
Publication Date: June 20, 2014

“Marry in haste, repent at leisure,” becomes more than a proverb to Taryn Young in Diann Mills’ book, “Firewall.” Crazy-smart Taryn is the lead designer of protection software for industry, and her newest firewall, Nehemiah, is her most secure version to date. She is the only one with the key to unlocking the software, and she learns early on that there are dangerous people who will do anything to get their hands on it. Francis “Shep” Shepard even goes so far as marrying her. While Taryn and Shep are waiting to board the plane for their honeymoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Taryn slips away to use the restroom. As she is washing up, an explosion rocks the airport, killing dozens and burying many more in debris. Taryn wakes in the ER looking for her husband only to find the FBI at her bedside instead, accusing her and Shep of having something to do with the airport bombing.

Taryn defends her husband right up to the point where the FBI shows proof that she was never married. There may have been a ceremony and there may have been a wedding night, but the minister was a fake, the license was a fake, and even her husband’s name was a fake. She leads the FBI to the apartment she and Shep were to share, only to find the place trashed and all evidence of Shep’s presence removed. As her world crashes down around her, Taryn realizes that her “husband” has her iPad, which contains the Nehemiah software. Her cell phone had the key to the “backdoor” she placed in the software, but someone has stolen that from the hospital as well. Nehemiah’s security, or lack thereof, threatens national security because it is being used by two companies who are planning a roll out of a liquid natural gas pipeline. Nehemiah protects the program that regulates the temperature and pressure of the gas in the pipeline. A few degrees too warm and the explosion could decimate much of the west coast.

Grayson Hall is the lead FBI agent on the case. Skeptical at first of Taryn’s claims of innocence, he realizes after considerable interrogation that she is a true patriot and would not endanger her country’s security in any way. He agrees to let her assist in her own defense, and she uncovers more evidence in a few minutes than the FBI’s best have managed in several hours of work. As the evidence mounts, so does the danger to Taryn and so does the body count. When her best friend Claire is found murdered, the search for her missing 4-year-old daughter begins.

Will Taryn be able to stop the evil mastermind who is pulling all the strings? Will she lose anyone else that she loves? When all evidence in the case seems to point to Taryn, can Grayson convince the FBI that he believes her story?

This book was so fast-paced that I almost got whiplash! The entire main part of the story covers about a three-day time period, from Saturday to Monday and gives an almost hour-by-hour cataloging of events. I felt the internal conflict Taryn went through in shifting from “newlywed in love” to her disbelief when she realized she’d been suckered. I loved that she didn’t dwell on being duped by her “husband.” Instead, she turned her anger into focus as she searched for the “whys” and the “how can I stop this” answers. I also loved that she didn’t let one bad experience with a man destroy her heart.

This was an amazing ride! It was heart-pounding action from the first page, and it didn’t stop until nearly the end of the book. If you like romantic suspense, I highly recommend this one.

Rated PG: This is a pretty intense read. I don’t think the very young should be reading it.

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