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Review: Freedom’s Kiss

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Review: Freedom’s Kiss

20 Aug Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Freedom’s Kiss
Review: Freedom’s Kiss

Freedom’s Kiss by Sarah Monzon
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Radiant Publications
Publication Date: August 9, 2018

When Olivia Arroyo bursts into Adam Carrington’s food truck, Southern Charm, she not only pulls a rabbit out of the hat – feeding all of the customers he thought he was going to have to turn away – but she also blew a breath of joy into a life that had felt oppressive for a long time. Olivia, for her part, is desperate to show the world her skill in the kitchen. She’s worked for years as a waitress at one of the fanciest restaurants in town, hoping for a chance to get into the kitchen. Turned down by her boss again, she goes searching for another place to showcase her ability, and finds Adam about to close up shop several hours early. She dives in with both feet, and when the evening is done, she strikes a bargain that has her creating the daily specials.

As Adam and Olivia work together, it’s apparent early on that their chemistry is off the charts. It’s also apparent that, while Adam can cook, it’s not his first love. What could make one of the best criminal defense attorneys in the city hang up his suits for an apron in a food truck, of all things?

While Adam and Olivia’s story is the main course of Freedom’s Kiss, there is a dual story set between 1818 and 1835 in Florida. Winnie, her father, Asa, and her brother and sister have escaped their cruel master. Instead of heading north to Canada as many runaway slaves had been doing, they chose to head to Negro Fort in Florida where they hoped to find safety and freedom. Instead, they found that the fort had been destroyed, because why would the white slave holders want black men to have weapons? Taken in by the Seminole tribe, Winnie and her family adapt to life with Florida’s native people. When warrior Nokosi begins showing interest in her, can he keep her safe as all around them dangers abound. From slave catchers to gators, life in the Everglades seems fraught with dangers. Will freedom’s call be strong enough to sustain them?

I loved so many things about this story! Nokosi was every bit a warrior, but he was a warrior with a poet’s heart. Adam was a tortured hero atoning for the perceived wrong he’d done, and yet, his ability to love on everyone around him gave him such humanity. Olivia is a fireball, and her story is so very compelling. I also loved all of the history I learned while reading this. Finally, I loved how each of the characters leaned heavily on their faith to sustain them.

With themes of forgiveness – both for yourself and for others, family (and the many ways families can be made), and standing for what’s right, Freedom’s Kiss is a fantastic addition to Sarah Monzon’s Carrington family series. Yes, it’s part of a series, but as someone who hasn’t read the first two yet, I’d have to say it worked as a standalone for me. (That said, I just realized I have the first two on my Kindle. I may have to have a Carrington book binge!) I wholeheartedly recommend Freedom’s Kiss.

Rated G: No worries in this one.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by Publisher. Thank you!


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