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Review: Heart Echoes

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Review: Heart Echoes

20 Apr Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Heart Echoes
Review: Heart Echoes

Heart Echoes by Sally John
Reviewed by: Jennifer S. Roman,
Genre: Christian family fiction, chick lit
Publisher: Tyndale
Publication Date: March, 2012

Heart Echoes by Sally JohnTeal Morgan-Adams’ experience of being stuck in traffic during an earthquake sets off a series of emotional events: her husband is injured when boxes fall on him, her daughter Maiya is secretly seeing an older boy who is a juvenile delinquent and as a result, Maiya is suspended from school for five weeks. In addition, Maiya wants to know who her biological father is. Even though she and her stepfather have an amazing and enviable relationship, she needs to have her questions answered. In her quest to find out who her father is, she learns that instead of abandoning her, as Teal originally lets her believe, he never knew of her existence. All of these incidents cause Teal to take Maiya with her to her hometown in the Pacific Northwest, where she faces all the memories and difficulties that drove her away in the first place. In the process, however, she grows closer to her half-sister Lacey and to Maiya.

Heart Echoes is a contemporary drama that plays out in different and interesting twists; on the other hand, it is a sappy novel that emphasizes the importance of family. In the end, the story illustrates Teal’s growth both emotionally and spiritually from the time she leaves her hometown as a pregnant single woman to the professional, God-fearing, married mother she is when she returns to Cedar Pointe. Being a Christian, she knows she needs to have God in her life in order to face difficult situations, but it takes her a while to fully give over to Him. Once she does, it’s as if all things fall into place.

This story is not the most original one as it’s fairly predictable and has a happy ending, but it is good at showing people how they can avoid major life mistakes. Readers are able to see how Teal, in thinking she is doing the right thing, actually causes more harm in the long run. Heart Echoes does accurately reflect on how families are today. Not everyone lives with two parents and a sibling in a house with a white picket fence and a dog, and Sally John makes a strong case for being honest. By leaning on God and listening to her heart, Teal is able to be honest with those she loves and with herself.

Rated PG 13: Heart Echoes, with a hint of profanity, addresses premarital sex and drug use. It may not be appropriate for younger readers.


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