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Review: Hometown Girl

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Review: Hometown Girl

09 Oct Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Hometown Girl
Review: Hometown Girl

Hometown Girl by Courtney Walsh
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Waterfall Press
Publication Date: September19, 2017

Beth Whitaker has spent years trying to make up for a mistake, an error in judgement that cost her father’s company millions in a lawsuit. For Beth, the three hardest words in the English language are, “I was wrong” and her tireless work for the company her dad founded is an effort to avoid having to say those words to the rest of her family. It’s bad enough that her dad knew before a heart attack took him. Must she further humiliate herself in front of the family that looks up to her?

No one understands why she is still in Willow Grove. She’s NOT a typical hometown girl who never wanted anything more than to stay in her small town living small dreams. She always wanted the big city and the big dreams that went with it. Unfortunately, a lost job opportunity coupled with a cheating boyfriend sent her scurrying back to the safety of the family business. It was supposed to be temporary, so why is she STILL there nine years later? When her flighty sister, Molly, comes to her asking for help in another of her pie-in-the-sky business ideas, Beth turns her down flat. What do they know about running a farm, and of all places, Fairwind Farm? Yes, she has beloved memories of family outings taken there but how can they hope to bring it back to its full glory when neither of them have enough money to renovate the farm the way it should be? Beth can’t take another failure but when Fairwind Farm becomes her only option for redemption, can she adjust her dream to include the town she couldn’t wait to flee?

Drew Barlow has spent 20 years running from his past and his memories of Fairwind Farm. The crime he witnessed as a nine year old visits him nightly in his dreams and he’s never any closer to remembering. When the owner dies, Drew wonders if this could finally be his chance to close the door on the past. Arriving at Fairwind, Drew finds the new owners – optimistic but over their heads. He starts out by helping during a community work day and ends up signing on for a longer stint. Will being in the place he experienced his greatest tragedy help him remember and forgive his younger self?

Beth and Drew have both sealed off their secrets and both are suffering because of it. Can they help each other see that sometimes a mistake is just a mistake and sometimes adults place burdens on the shoulders of children that the children have no business bearing?

For every person who has held a secret too close, for every person who has beaten themselves up for an error in judgement, and for every person who has felt unworthy of respect or love or redemption, Hometown Girl is your story. This story hits readers in the ‘feels’ and ultimately points to a God who is waiting to love unconditionally. Courtney Walsh weaves a mystery into a love story into a story of grace for the hurting and I, for one, loved it. I enjoyed it so much I’m really hoping she’s working on a story for each of Beth’s siblings!

Rated G: I didn’t see any issues, although, many of the issues dealt with will probably not interest young readers.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the Publisher. Thank you!


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