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Review: Mark of Distinction

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Review: Mark of Distinction

30 Apr Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Mark of Distinction
Review: Mark of Distinction

Mark of Distinction by Jessica Dottamarkofdistinction
Reviewed by: Renee Chaw
Genre: Fiction/Historical
Publisher: Tyndale
Publication Date: May 2014

Jessica Dotta’s latest installment in the Price of Privilege series is yet another reason to fall in love with the gothic novel. Continuing right where Born of Persuasion left off, we once again meet with Julia Elliston, this time in London with her once estranged father in hopes of escaping the scandal she met with in the countryside. Julia escapes the clutches of one man only to become the pawn in a new game, this time involving two powerful men. All of London society is soon buzzing with gossip of the new “Emerald Heiress”, and life amidst the wealthiest society does prove even further that all that glitters is not necessarily gold.

With Chance Macy’s influence spread throughout England, Julia isn’t sure she’ll ever be free of his dark but charismatic clutches. Having to cope with her mother’s death and the secrets from her past revealed, Julia quickly has to adjust to a high society life away from her only true friend, Edward. Others around her pull her in so many different directions, it’s a wonder she doesn’t completely break down. As a reader, it is sometimes difficult to imagine how she kept her sanity, especially since she didn’t have anyone to confide in or to tell her secrets to.

Julia’s story has the perfect gothic setting reminiscent of Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights. It is a bit more drawn out than any story published in the Christian fiction genre in recent years. It’s quite “epic“ in length. The only reason that this book didn’t resonate as well with me as its predecessor was the lack of an introduction so to speak. With little back-story to refresh one’s memory, this is a book to be read ONLY while Born of Persuasion is fresh in the mind. That said, this author does not skimp on detail or drama. Nothing in this book is rushed. Julia still remains stuck between being a girl and becoming an adult as was the case in Born of Persuasion. By the end of the story, Julia is just beginning to fully emerge from her shell as a somewhat independent woman. While the conclusion left a little to be desired, the story has been left open for so much more intrigue and drama — and hopefully the fitting ending that Julia deserves.

Rated PG: Some mild violence.

Review copy provided by the publisher. Thanks!


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