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Review: Merchant of Alyss

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Review: Merchant of Alyss

01 Jan Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Merchant of Alyss
Review: Merchant of Alyss

Merchant of Alyss by Thomas Locke merchantofalyss
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Publisher:  Revell
Publication Date: January 5, 2016

Thomas Locke has done it again! Merchant of Alyss continues Hyam’s adventures and what fantastic adventures they are!

The first book in the series, Emissary, ended with Hyam’s epic battle with the crimson mage. In defeating the crimson enemy, Hyam destroys his orb of power and virtually burns his own magic away.  As Merchant of Alyss begins, Hyam is still recovering – leading a life of peace and rest with his wife, Joelle.  One afternoon, while Hyam naps, a magical visitor arrives at his home intent on doing him harm. As the grove of trees surrounding his home moves to become an impenetrable fence, the visitor attempts to blast his/her way through. While the blast is heard by everyone in the nearby town, Hyam sleeps through the whole thing. His dreams are undisturbed – until the dragon arrives asking for his help.

Hyam drags his feet. What can he really do without magic anyway? The discovery of a trove of Milantian scrolls which detail various spells of war sparks his interest. It is the witch’s attack on Joelle that finally sends him on the quest to help the dragon. In doing so, he hopes to find the means to heal Joelle.

I’ve hesitated to compare these books to C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books, but the similarities are there. Hyam is led by a talking eagle and directed by a talking dragon who befriends him. He travels through fantastical worlds with perils never seen by human eyes. He brings together people of many races – Milantian, Ashanta, Elven, dragon and human – and leads them as a general might lead an army. He is able to discern those who would use magic for evil from those who use it for good. And he always uses it for good. In spite of his humble beginnings, Hyam shows greatness in humility and love through sacrifice.

If you haven’t already read Emissary, I would encourage you to start there before tackling Merchant of Alyss. While I think Merchant can stand on its own, it is much easier to understand Hyam’s thinking when you know where he’s been. I have LOVED this series, and I don’t generally read fantasy. Thomas Locke captures the imagination and paints word pictures with the best. I look forward to the third installment in the Legends of the Realm series!

Rating PG: There are some epic battles that may distress young readers.

Reviewer received their copy from the author as part of his launch team!


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