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Review: Mermaid Moon

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Review: Mermaid Moon

05 Feb Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Mermaid Moon
Review: Mermaid Moon

Mermaid Moon by Colleen Coblemermaidmoon
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Mystery
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: January 12, 2016

Mermaid Moon, by master story-teller Colleen Coble, continues her Sunset Cove series. Mallory Davis has been estranged from her father for nearly 15 years – the same length of time her mother has been dead. So when her father calls, asking her to come home and ‘find your mother,’ she thinks he’s gone around the bend.  But when her home in Bangor, Maine is broken into, Mallory packs her bags and heads for her childhood home on Mermaid Point. She arrives to the news that her father is dead, the apparent victim of an accident on his mail boat. Further investigation, however, reveals a more sinister conclusion – her father was murdered, and whoever did it has Mallory firmly in his sights!

Investigating her dad’s case is Mallory’s former flame, Kevin O’Connor, the local game warden. (Did you know that in some parts of Maine the game warden functions as the local police since departments are so far apart? I didn’t know that!) Kevin never understood why Mallory walked out on their relationship after she miscarried their baby. Shame and guilt have been Mallory’s constant companions for 15 years. Can she forgive herself for the mistakes of her past? Will she give Kevin a chance to prove he hasn’t forgotten the love they had for one another? Will she live long enough to do either one?

Romantic suspense is definitely Coble’s wheelhouse! She puts her characters in jeopardy only to pull them from the flame then toss them back in to miraculously save them again. Don’t get too comfortable that our heroine is safe because the turn of a page could put her back in danger! I love that Coble’s women are as apt to save themselves as they are to be rescued by the hero of the story. If you love romantic suspense, Mermaid Moon won’t disappoint and it has the added bonus of continuing some of the characters from The Inn at Ocean’s Edge.
I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. Thank you!

Rating PG-13: Two murders and two kidnappings plus a pretty scary chase scene or two would make me think twice about giving this to young readers.

Reviewer’s Copy received from the Publisher. Thank you!


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