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Review: Midnight on the Mississippi

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Review: Midnight on the Mississippi

02 Oct Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: Midnight on the Mississippi
Review: Midnight on the Mississippi

Midnight on the Mississippi by Mary Ellismignightonthemississippi
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Mystery
Publisher: Harvest House
Publication Date: August 1, 2015

Nicki Price arrives in New Orleans, Louisiana from Natchez, Mississippi with her newly-earned private investigator license in hand and an eagerness to get started. Her plan is to join her cousin Nate’s PI firm and prove to him that she’s more than the annoying little kid he and her other boy cousins were always trying to ditch. Her agenda is two-fold – land a job with Nate and solve the 17-year-old murder of her father.

Hunter Galen is a securities broker in New Orleans. His firm, Galen-Nowak Investments, is known for taking high risks with big pay-offs. When he begins to suspect his partner, James Nowak, of illegal dealings, Hunter leaves his grandmother’s birthday party to confront him. He arrives to find his partner murdered and soon finds himself the leading suspect in the crime. He hires Nate to investigate his partner’s less than ethical dealings but soon finds himself “stuck” with the rookie investigator, Nicki.

As Nicki proves to be a crack accounting investigator, Hunter finds himself more and more intrigued by the woman. He’s semi-engaged to Ashley Menard, a woman from much the same social class he is from, but poor-girl Nicki is the one who fascinates him. As the two work together to solve the mystery of his partner’s death, danger stalks them, taking Nicki into the bayou, a place she fears ever since her father was killed there.

Can Hunter and Nicki find the truth when those who know it are working just as hard to hide it? Even law enforcement seems to be working against them. Can they prove Hunter’s innocence in both his partner’s death and Nowak’s scheme to defraud the firm’s investment customers? And, in the middle of all this, will Nicki find the clue that puts her father’s killer behind bars without getting herself killed in the process?

Once this book gets rolling, hang on, it’s quite a ride! My only complaint was that I wished Hunter was more assertive. He let his partner get away with too much unsupervised activity at work, which eventually led to Nowak’s murder. Then he allowed himself to be railroaded into an engagement with Ashley, even though he already suspected he had stronger feelings for Nicki. Great story, though! I would recommend this to readers who love mystery and suspense because there’s plenty of both in this book.

Rated PG: Some fairly scary situations in this one. I don’t recommend for the very young.

Reviewer’s copy provided by Publisher. Thank you!


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