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Review: My Sister’s Prayer

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Review: My Sister’s Prayer

30 Sep Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: My Sister’s Prayer
Review: My Sister’s Prayer

My Sister’s Prayer by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gouldmysistersprayer
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Historical Romance/Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Harvest House
Publication Date: September 1, 2016

When wealthy Celeste Talbot follows her heart and boards the Royal Mary bound for the Colonies without her parents’ knowledge or permission, she believes the only risk is in whether she will survive the voyage. In steerage with the rest of the indentured servants, conditions are deplorable – nothing like what she is used to but, unlike the others, the English soldier she is following to the New World has promised to meet her ship in Williamsburg, buy her contract and marry her. What could go wrong?

What could go wrong? First of all, the ship lands in Norfolk and all indentured servant contracts are sold there, not in Williamsburg. Second, when she finally sees her beau, he is courting a wealthy plantation owner’s daughter – not pining for Celeste. Third, her sister supposedly followed her to the docks where she claimed to be kidnapped and placed on the same vessel Celeste crossed on. As the “plot thickens”, secrets fly and Celeste finds only one who stands by her through the accusations she must weather. What will it take to bring Celeste back to the God of her ancestors? She’s forgotten how to pray. Can being brought low bring it back to her?

In the present day, Maddee Talbot is hyper-organized, almost to the point of obsession. Ever since as children she, her little sister, Nicole, and her cousin Renee discovered a dead body in a cabin on their grandmother’s estate, she has wanted to control everything about her life that she can. Nicole, on the other hand, tried to anesthetize her memories with drugs. When she crashes her car in a drug-induced haze and nearly kills herself, Nana steps in to take over the care of her granddaughter. Maddee promises Nicole that if their grandmother gets to be too much, Maddee will figure out a way to move Nicole to her own tiny home.

This is the story of two sets of Talbot sisters, born hundreds of years apart, with astonishingly similar family dynamics. Celeste’s younger sister, Berta, repeatedly lied to her and yet, she loved her. Maddee’s baby sister, Nicole, also repeatedly lied to her about her drug addiction and yet, she loved her. Tied together by a family heirloom ruby ring, each story taken separately is an excellent suspense novel. Together, the stories intertwine to show the many ways that history repeats itself and to show that honesty and integrity founded in faith are an unbeatable combination.

My Sister’s Prayer is the follow-up to My Brother’s Crown and while it can be read as a separate, stand-alone novel, it is SO much better with the background from the first book included! I would recommend this to history buffs as well as romance readers and suspense lovers. This pretty much has it all!

Rated PG: The contemporary portion deals with drug addiction and the historical part deals with slavery – both difficult subjects for the very young to grasp.

Reviewer’s copy was provided by the Publisher via NetGalley. Thank you!


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