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Review: No One To Trust

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Review: No One To Trust

08 May Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: No One To Trust
Review: No One To Trust

No One To Trust by Lynette Easonnoonetotrust
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Revell a division of Baker Publishing Group
Publication Date: December 24, 2013

Kyle Abernathy has been living a lie for more than a year. After witnessing a murder, he steals evidence and becomes someone else. While in hiding, he meets and marries Summer, who has no idea what she’s gotten into. She wakes one morning to find three men in her bedroom with a gun pointing at her face. They want the evidence Kyle stole and they don’t care whom they kill to get it. They know he’s her husband and they’re counting on his love for her to flush him out of hiding.

So begins Lynette Eason’s No One to Trust. Summer Abernathy is a lawyer who specializes in messy custody cases and she’s in the middle of one of the messiest when the thugs show up in her house. As they threaten her life they drop an even bigger bomb on her – they tell her that Kyle is really someone named David Hackett. While she frantically tries to reach her husband, she searches every nook and hiding place in their house for the missing laptop. Eventually she finds out he’s been in a car accident and is in the hospital. She also learns he is in WIT-SEC, witness security because of the evidence he’s hiding. She meets his handler who travels with her to get her husband. What follows is a breakneck paced book with more hairpin curves than any mountain road!

The pair is protected by the U.S. Marshals who put them in safe house after safe house only to be discovered within hours of their arrival. They begin to suspect a traitor in the Marshal Service. In the middle of the frantic running, Summer must be in court or her client risks losing her daughters to the man who abuses them.

While there is no doubt who the main villain of the book is, there are a number of people who appear trustworthy or should be who turn out to be embroiled in the mess surrounding Summer’s husband. The main villain and his fascination with snakes was just plain creepy. Scenes where he handles the snakes are completely cringe-worthy.

I am a huge fan of Lynette Eason’s suspense and this one did not disappoint. It was a little like riding a roller coaster with absolutely no brakes. It climbed emotional hills only to careen down the other side as Summer and David (his real name) ran from their pursuers. Near misses abound and they are even captured only to get away once again. I highly recommend No One to Trust if you love books that get your heart rate up!

Rated PG-13: While it wasn’t gratuitous, there was quite a bit of violence here that wouldn’t be great for younger readers.

Reviewer’s personal copy.


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