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Review: On a Coastal Breeze

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Review: On a Coastal Breeze

25 Aug Posted by in Reviews | Comments Off on Review: On a Coastal Breeze
Review: On a Coastal Breeze

On a Coastal Breeze by Suzanne Woods Fisher
Reviewed by: Pam Graber
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publisher: Revell
Publication Date: May 2020

Suzanne Woods Fisher returns her readers to Three Sisters Island for her second installment featuring the Grayson sisters in “On a Coastal Breeze.” I love how, even though sister Madison’s story arc is featured, everyone in the family gets their time in the sun as well.

Madison Grayson has finally hung her shingle as a newly-minted marriage and family therapist on Three Sisters Island. Her office, in the parsonage basement, is perfect – not too girly, or too colorful. Now, all she needs are clients. When she learns that the island has finally hired a new pastor, she is excited to meet him. Unfortunately, she doesn’t put together exactly who he is until he parachutes into town. How could her childhood nemesis, Ricky O’Shea, have changed his ways enough to become a pastor, of all things?

Rick O’Shea fell in love with Maddie Grayson way back in kindergarten, and she’s held his heart ever since. As a kid, he spent his time seeking her attention, and using any means possible to do it. Unfortunately, most of them just made her mad. Can adult Rick find a way into adult Maddie’s heart while he still has time to love her?

Rick and Maddie seemed so opposite in this story, and yet, that is part of what made them work. Maddie is a worrier – about everything. Rick is a daredevil, taking on every extreme sport he can think of. He helps her to see that her worrying and anxiety only hurt her, and she helps him to see that living his life can have all the adventure he needs without risking his life repeatedly.

I also liked that older sister Camden and her fiance Seth, father Paul, and baby sister Blaine had additions to their stories within this book. It’s great to see a family that can work together like this one does. They fight, they argue, and yet, they love each other.

This book can be read on its own, but in my opinion was 100% better because I’d read “On a Summer Tide” first. It’s a contemporary romance, which is a bit of a departure from Ms. Fisher’s usual Amish fiction, but so far, I have loved both books! I cannot wait for Blaine’s book to come out! I definitely recommend.


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